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    For my warrior:
    It just feels so dark yet powerful. I think it fits my warrior pretty good.
    For my mage:
    Just feels grand and epic, prolly would be the theme of my mage.

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    My shadow priest:

    He's a priest who turned to the dark side. He's evil.

    thumbs up for Children of Bodom ^^!

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    Every single character I play (highly recommended):

    edit: except for my resto shaman (powerful shit, 'mon):
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    I don't know why but every time my shadow priest comes into my head this song comes up as well.

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    Considering what my Priestess has been through these two would fit her state of mind:

    She has lost everything and everyone she cared about. Including hope.
    That's why she accepts all these suicide missions, hoping to finally die during one of them.
    But somehow, caused by some twisted, cruel humor of fate, she always survives....

    PS: It's music I love and listen to daily. Can't get enough of darkness like this.

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    For my trolls, i'd probabaly say this. My troll Deathknight and Warlock are quite dark driven. 'Dreams of death and endless pain and forever I remain.'

    For my Paladin, it would have to be this. My paladin was born amongst the scourge, in Deathholme. He managed to escape as a child, and was trained as a Paladin in Orgrimmar by Lord Pyreanor. His ambition from then on, was to find and slaughter the scourge that tormented his childhood. 'A territory cold as ice, an endless empire with a cynic desire, born of a broken spell' fits this quite well.

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    fucking boss

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    I'm a little more old school, but this seems to best cover my playing style

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    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    ´So.. sorry to bring this up know that .."thing" (Med'an).. is that "thing" cannon still? much have some have wished otherwise, yes. (Loreology)

    RPG is non-canon by default. (MickyNeilson)

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    This is just the song that always comes to mind for any undead character I play, current being undead priest:

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    or this one. I'm a little torn on which one suits him better. Probably this one:

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    I'm raiding on my Mage this expansion, so I go a bit old school with the song I think of while playing him.

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    Already posted my character's theme but some others inspired me to post about my old guild's theme!

    Waka Waka - Shakira. I'd play this all raid, and when someone asked why we wiped I'd jump to the chorus and hit the push-to-talk button for "Cause this is Africa!"-part.

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    I am (a lot) older so

    Gloria Gaynot - I Will Survive

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    Every time I enter in a battleground with my paladin, i start this music.

    First min : Calm, the bg is gonna start, let's get ready.
    1min - 1min20 : Things are getting more intensive, I run into the battle.
    1min20 - end of the music : THIS IS WAR I'M GONNA SMASH YOUR FACE WITH MY HAMMER.

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    Warlock - >

    Rogue - >

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    Frost DK main.

    He was killed and taken to Northrend to serve the Lich King, this Music always reminds me of Harsh cold snowy mountains, but is also extremely calming aswell.

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    Ret Paladin, mainly because this song sounds so glorious and yet savage; perfect for being a holy crusader with a penchant for organising blind dates between my enemies' faces and my two-handed maces;

    Then of course, there's times when one just feels funky, and what better than the best mash-up ever?

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