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    Should I switch back to Fury now?

    I happened upon the most recent Simcraft and Arms is now the worst melee class, Fury is way ahead. I only have one raid finder 2 handed axe from the last guy. I currently Arms, 480 Ilvl and it feels strong but everyone and their mother says Arms is now garbage again...Raidbots.com shows arms to be like twelve to fifteen k behind fury....


    Dan (Maxalyss-Stormrage Us)

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    That's true but if you're not in a really progressive heroic raiding guild there is no point to switch to fury if u don't like it, arms can pull some big numbers to but they won't pull as much numbers as a equally skilled fury warrior, play what you feel like

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    It depends. Look at my armory, I'm staying Arms because 1.) We don't have the crit buff (Which is like losing 5.6% SEP compared to 2.8% as arms) and 2.) I have a better weapon setup for arms. Arms honestly isn't terrible. Raidbots is showing arms behind because there are more high end players playing fury, so their gear/skill is skewing the data. I advise simcrafting your gear reforged/talented correctly for each spec, and testing them both out. Player skill is a huge factor, as is optimal gear. I sim around 94k DPS on a slight movement fight as arms, and 91k as fury, for example (gear)

    Is fury better? In a perfect world, yes. But that doesn't mean it's always better. That being said, I'd advise trying to get two 1handers and learning fury eventually. I'll be going fury once I get a heroic elegon axe and a kil'rak both upgraded.

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    At ilvl 480 you dont need to worry much about it. There wont be much a difference I think. Id probably stick to arms until you get above 25% crit raidbuffed and have 2 decent weapons for fury.

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