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    as destruction..

    wich is the one talent to use? noxxic says supremecy while icy says sacrifice

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    Whats a noxxic?

    Use Sac.

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    Last I checked both talents were fairly close single-target, but GoSac would have an edge in two- or multi-target fights due to how Havoc works.

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    Go with whatever you like. There is no one set playstyle.

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    Both are nice, I'm just glad im not locked into only using the imp because it was the only one that gave a buff in regards to cast times for Soulfire.
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    For some reason I thought the title for this thread was ass destruction.

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    it is for destruction

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    If you're not min-maxing, either of them should do fine. Just choose which one fits your playstyle the best.
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    GoSac is only veeeery slightly better for single target, but is much stronger than GoSup in multi-target (for cleave, not necessarily AoE) fights. GoSac is also much stronger in fights where you pack burst into a short window due to temporary damage increases (heroic Wind Lord). That versatility makes it a better talent in almost all PvE situations at the moment.
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    GoSac means 0 damage increase while you aoe, as it doesn't increase the damage of either Rain of Fire or abilities affected by Fire and Brimstone.

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    GoSac means 0 damage increase while you aoe, as it doesn't increase the damage of either Rain of Fire or abilities affected by Fire and Brimstone.
    Fire and brimstone...?
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    Ah no I knew what it was I just didn't see that he had mentioned it so I was suggesting it. I assumed those abilities would count but oh well.
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    GoSac plays into a mastery build very well, so if you have an occasion to cleave many CB's around and hold on to a mastery build for aff, sacrifice that pet for the greater demi-god . GoSup works very well with a haste/crit build and is great for quickly killing groups of adds, such as in Feng or Tsulong. It is about even with GoSup for single target and lower than GoSup for 2 target, but higher for multi target. It's incredibly good for Wind Lord if you can properly take advantage of it.

    Really, it depends on how you want to reforge. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. I personally like the haste/crit build, it moves so much more quickly, but at the same time, there's something special about seeing those 1 to 2 mil crits on Elagon.

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