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    Patch 5.2 Tweets, 3v3 Tournament, Blue Posts, SWTOR Expansion, The Daily Blink

    Restored Items in TW Region Now BoA, Fan Made Screens, Blue Posts, Poll: Favorite Act IV Environment, HotS Beta Key Giveaway

    Patch 5.2 Tweets
    More Patch 5.2 info appeared on Twitter today!
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Are you happy with the burst damage in PVP? What changes can we expect? You nerf items, are you still going to nerf spells too?ty
    It's prolly still too high. We're def looking at specific abilities/cooldowns. You'll likely see 5.2 changes to major outliers. (Source)

    How about a stacking buff for your farm that reduces pests the more consecutive days you plant/till?
    Been brainstorming w/ @DaveKosak & @mumper flavorful ways to make farmers more efficient at tending w/ time. (Source)

    Are there any plans to buff Unholy Death Knights? It's really sad how underpowered this spec is right now.
    You'll likely see some love in 5.2. Unrelated, my current main is Unholy. (Source)

    Can this mount collector expect to see some new mounts in 5.2? (Still hoping for 200+ mount achievement!)
    New mounts not a bad thing to hope for, I reckon. (Source)

    Lor'themar assemblies the troops after the Purge of Dal. Is that to attack Ally or Garrosh or to take to Pandaria?
    Lor'themar's plans will be clear once 5.2 starts! (Source)

    Maybe you guys have not noticed how op Fluxfire Feline is. Wind-Up with Supercharge damage 1800+
    Yup, changes on this combo are coming in 5.2.0. (Source)

    Please roll bandages and upgrade stones into the battle pet journal UI or make them acct. bound so we can mule them. Bag space
    Bandages stack up to 25 in 5.2.0. We intend for players to use stones, not stockpile. Hence the low stack size.
    Can they at least become boa? cutting the many stacks we have basically in half doesn't really help much.
    Battle Pet Bandages bind to accounts in 5.2.0 as well. It's like we read your mind! (Source)

    Is it intended that the "Nether Roach" does not count as cockroach, so its Apocalypse ability kills itself?
    This is fixed in 5.2.0 (Source)

    Also, does this mean being pulled out of a battle due to PVP/PVE agro will also despawn the pet?
    We have some plans in regards to making this all smoother in 5.2.0, we will share info soon. PVP interaction was not changed. (Source)

    Do you know why battle pets don't show up in my auctions on mobile app?
    We hope to have pet cages working on the Mobile AH in an update early next year. (Source)

    Yaspresents Online 3v3 Tournament
    The Yaspresents PvP guild on Stormscale - EU is organizing 2nd Yaspresents Online 3v3 Tournament with a prize of $9,000 for first place, $5,000 for second place, and $2,000 for third place. The teams must have one healer and no class stacking.

    Eight teams and two teams that qualify will play in a best of five round robin tournament. The qualifier rounds are on January 13th, the group round robin rounds are on January 18th and 19th, and the finals are on January 20th. If you are interested in qualifying, please PM Another on ArenaJunkies.

    Blue Posts
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Changes to Tillers Farm
    I love my farm. I love that I have all of my best friends to help me with my farm. But wouldn't it be nice if...

    You could jump onto Miss Fifi and stamp all the vermin out of your occupied soil.
    Your dog would chase away the birds from your alluring veggies.
    The chickens would lay eggs.
    The pigs would...fertilize...a crop or two....

    While some of this has to do with tuning, we are considering some improvements to the farm and in this area. We might need to adjust the numbers a bit to reduce, say, Alluring over time. But we do want to make you feel that you need to tend to things regularly, even if you become more efficient in handling it. Though, perhaps we can consider allowing more crops to randomly grow without any obstacles or challenges, especially after you’ve proven your farming savvy. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    PvP Balance Feedback
    Would you agree its more balanced than it was from the start of the season up to the new patch?

    I think it is, but there is still alot of tweaks you could say that need to be worked out.

    I agree that it has gotten better, but we know that there's more ground to cover and we're always working to improve. In light of that, there are still many more changes coming in patch 5.2.

    I can't talk about them just yet, but keep your eyes open for more information in the coming weeks. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Elder Charms Mandatory?
    charm are mandatory if you want to be up to par, if you're lucky you get 3 extra items per week
    They aren't mandatory though. You can raid just fine without them. Yes, you won't gear as fast (assuming you get items from them relatively often), but it's not going to impact your character in a negative way, other than *perhaps* missing an upgrade (since you don't even have the guarantee you'll get one through the charms). (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Elder Charms in LFR
    On Raid Finder you can use the coin on bosses you've already killed that week. And every time you'll have the same chance of getting loot. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    LFR Loot System Feedback
    Actually it won't make a difference. Under the old system, a boss would drop 4 or 5 items that would be split among 25 people. With the current system, everyone has an individual chance for loot which means that 3 shamans and 4 paladins may very well each get that shield they need. It is also mathematically possible that all 25 people in the raid get an item from one boss and that the next boss has no loot for anyone.
    Exactly this.

    With the old system, you not only had to hope that the item you needed dropped in the first place, you also had to roll against many people to get it. We were hearing a lot of feedback that the need/greed system was being used incorrectly by people that didn't actually need items, but pressed Need anyway. This new system takes that factor out of the equation completely.

    Yes, it does mean that you will occasionally get an item you already have—think of this as winning something that no one needed with a Greed roll—but it also means you'll never lose an item you need to someone who doesn't need it, as happened previously. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Archaeology Feedback
    Archaeology is also a secondary profession, which kind of implies it should not provide better items or improvements than primary professions. Of course on the other hand, being a secondary profession makes it possible for everyone to have it which makes it a somewhat nice profession since it sort of implies equality between players.

    The truth is, archaeology is not for everyone, although we have cut down on the necessary travel time to find dig sites by having 6 dig locations per site instead of 3, and added some extra surprise dig sites in Pandaria, there’s still players who won’t go for it, and that’s perfectly fine, there’s a lot of different content in MoP that was made to appeal to different kinds of players.

    Keep in mind that we’re still in the very early stages of MoP, we have said that we wanted to keep updating the game and adding patches more frequently with this expansion, chances are, professions might also get some love with some of those patches, so don’t despair, it’s still only the beginning.

    Whenever we have some news regarding updates to any of the professions we'll make sure to let you know. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Blue Tweets
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    yeah said that a while back. Did the mode spawn rate increase, maybe?
    We felt that at the 1:3 conversion that Spirits were simply a GL delivery mechanism and not used for other things. (Source)

    Any chance we will see a new alchemy cauldron for future MoP raids?
    We like the group being able to provide food but players being responsible for their own flasks. (Source)

    why the change to daily/acct for Blingtron? It was just a fun prize... I don't see harm in it being per character
    Felt like a chore to log in every alt to get gold and maximize chance for good stuff. (Source)

    What's the thinking for tailoring putting new, larger bag recipe behind 2 rep grinds? Was 12 daily crafts per bag not enough?
    Making Imperial Silk takes a commitment of logging in for 2 min a day. Not much gameplay there. (Source)

    Have you guys considered something cooperative like the AQ gates war effort to get people out and about? Was a great event.
    Yeah it was. Just need a model that doesn't force everyone to one spot and crash the servers. (Source)

    into a reality for the future of wow?
    Challenge for us is providing enough content for players who want to play a lot without alienating those who can't. (Source)

    with all the success of wow what 3 things do you think blizzard could improve upon?
    If you mean WRT WoW, I'd say 1) Faster content, 2) More direction at max level, 3) easier for returning players to ease back in. (Source)

    SWTOR Rise of the Hutt Cartel Expansion
    Bioware announced the first expansion to SWTOR this week, Rise of the Hutt Cartel! It will arrive in Spring 2013 and cost $20 for free to play users and $10 for subscribers. The level cap will be increased to 55, there is a new story on the Hutt Cartel, new planet Makeb, new skills in each skill tree, faction-specific storylines, new Heroic missions and bosses, repeatable mission series, and new Datacrons. Dread Guard gear won't be replaced with leveling gear either!

    The Daily Blink - Got Any Change for a Justice Point?
    The Daily Blink proposes a new rollover plan for rewards.

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    Man that daily blink just keeps getting better and better everytime Chris Hanel for Pres 2016

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    It's been a while since Daily Blink stopped being funny.

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    We like the group being able to provide food but players being responsible for their own flasks
    That's why group food is worst then single.

    Felt like a chore to log in every alt to get gold and maximize chance for good stuff.
    Do they mean the one gem you get?

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    Bioward announced the first expansion to SWTOR this week
    What a news!

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    Can't pvp and pve news be seperated somehow? I'm bored of little brats begging GC for buffs for their class in shitty pvp.

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    I'm sure all 115 people still playing TOR are thrilled to hear the news of an expansion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mileskg21 View Post
    Man that daily blink just keeps getting better and better everytime Chris Hanel for Pres 2016
    Quote Originally Posted by Magemaer View Post
    It's been a while since Daily Blink stopped being funny.
    I like coming to the comment threads when TDB is posted and setting a line for myself for how long it takes for there to be at least one comment praising the comic and one comment bashing it.

    This time it only took 3 replies, which I think is a new record. Shine on, you crazy diamonds.

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    I don't see why the DB is funny. It's not funny, it's nonsense in a chart. It's seldomly funny these days.

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    TDB is getting less and less funny

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    what about a new arena season?

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    holy shit, just look at new SWTOR "expansion", and compare it to MoP, WoTLK, and even Cata, that's just pure garbage and money grab.

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    I love how they acknowledge that blingtron was a chore to do every day on each character, but won't acknowledge that doing the same dailies every week is a chore as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maelstrom51 View Post
    I love how they acknowledge that blingtron was a chore to do every day on each character, but won't acknowledge that doing the same dailies every week is a chore as well.
    no it's different. You can forget about dailies soon after you reach exalted. I'm not doing any atm

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    They should allow player to create bandages with first aid. Given how useless first aid is these days with all classes having heal mechanics. The amount of mats needed for it could be high enough that most player would still rather go to stable masters. That you don't have bandages at all sucks especially while starting with pet battles...cause those fights at the beginning only last a few seconds. Later on thise ain't a problem anymore cause the fights last longer and that in combination with the bandages from masters is usually enough(which is why I had about 250 bandages today and sold 150 of them).

    Archeology definitely needs some love. New items for the old races...and a value update for the keystones(when archeology was released it was great to find those keystones while digging cause they actually really helped to speed up the creation process. With all the changes in archeology they pretty much lost their value and hence there is no "well, just another common item...but at least I found a keystone to use on my next rare"-effect. I want that back. Upgrade them. 2 could finish one item...3 a rare.....or make them increase the chance to get a rare item in research next...or make them count as some kind of currency for new special items just like the crytals for the cloudsnake. There are plenty way to make them interesting again).

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    Well this Blink is stupid.

    Mark of Kil'jaeden can only be turned in up to revered. After that you need Mark of Sargeras.

    I love how they acknowledge that blingtron was a chore to do every day on each character
    Can anyone out there please enlighten me what the fuss about this robot is all about? I seriously don't get it.

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    My only worry is that Ol'Blanchy will take pack space

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    Quote Originally Posted by lios View Post
    I don't see why the DB is funny. It's not funny, it's nonsense in a chart. It's seldomly funny these days.
    Oh my, must be news that comedy is highly subjective then.

    I love ironic comedy and satire, and DB is awesome. Just gotta understand it .
    Nostalgia is the enemy of progress
    Raids have become more accessible, not easier to tackle. This Classic nostalgia cirklejerk has people arguing against top players of the world first race when it comes to the increase to difficulty in raiding...

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