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    Taiwan - Account item restoration becomes ''Account bound''

    I've been low on Diablo but I do lurk this got my attention on the front page and I'm sure some of you don't even look at it! So here

    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Official Forums)
    We understand that accounts being stolen is not fun, which is why we provide account restoration. However, we recently found a number of cases of customer service being lied to about theft, in order to get extra items. Accordingly, we have decided to update the account restoration policy in Asia to help players, and at the same time protect the game economy. This change will reaffirm our view that fraud is theft, and take a stance of "zero tolerance".

    Starting at 11:00AM Taiwan time on December 18, 2012, all Diablo III restored equipment (including in inventory and the stash), such as weapons or armor, will be bound to the account. This means that these items will not be able to be traded with other players or placed on auction, but they can still be shared with other characters in the account to use, or sold to the commodity NPCs. Note that unless through the account restoration earned gold or material goods. [sic] After the implementation of these policies, as in the past, we will constantly monitor the economic environment within the game, and make additional adjustments if necessary. (Note: once the player account restoration is completed, future drops in the game, or equipment items received through transactions, are not affected by account binding restrictions.)

    The account restoration service is to help the players deal with account theft, and we hope that no one would need to use this service. Protect your account security from theft; the best approach is to ensure your computer's security, and use the Battle.net account security, such as the Battle.net authenticator. Further protective measures cannot be guaranteed perfect because of human negligence; according to our data, we often see many players' accounts stolen a second time, after the first time they were stolen, since they did not take any action to protect themselves.

    The game economy is an important part of the quality of the gaming experience, and any attempt to use fraud to obtain additional items may cause harm to the economy and the experience of other players in the game. We hope to give a warning to those of dishonest behavior, and further strengthen the stability of the economy and provide a better gaming experience for all players.
    So what if this came in our region US and such. Thoughts?

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    About time... economy is already ruined thou.
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    Perhaps using the account restoration function was part of a duping scheme, so they stopped them being able to sell the items because of this?
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    "Perhaps?" The blue quite clearly states that IS the reason why.

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    Atleast they admit there are heavy dupes going around, abit to late for action being taken trough.
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