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    Official Proving Grounds Sub Forums Launched

    So, as the tittle says, there will be a sub forum, for the most recent map, The Proving Grounds!

    This is good news for the people that enjoy playing PG and have been playing it since it was released.

    With this, it's possible that there will be a future matchmaking, like Dominion or SR for example, for PG, in which people will start receiving more IP for playing it, certain mana issues will be fixed, etc!


    Nothing is certain yet but, hopefully, PG will be just like Dominion among other maps.

    I'll try and keep this updated as much as I can.

    Let's hear everyone's thoughts on this!
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    I really hope this gets added to matchmaking!

    I don't care that much about the IP personally, but it would really be nice to instantly find a game rather than refreshing list looking for one not full, people trying to get all the high ELO people in one team to stomp the other (eyeroll), and like rarely you just get booted from a game for no reason :O

    Would also I hope incur the time penalty debuff for those times when you get 8 people leave in a row, and you waste 5 mins because they didn't get a champ they liked >.>

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    I think the problem right now with PG, is the matches where you are a level 30 fighting a level 20, for example, or vise versa, and that's pretty annoying, atleast it is for me.

    As for having a champion you dislike and then leave, yes, I hope there's a penalty for it. I am aware that I hate Udyr and will always leave if I get him but even so, I think a penalty should be made, just like the other matchmaking for other maps.
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    oooh, that's nifty. I really hope they add a queue. I don't want ranked proving grounds because that would be kinda silly, but I definitely want a Q. The amount of people that dodge right now is pretty absurd.

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    So long as the queue has random champions by default I'm all for it. Blind or draft pick on that map is meeeeh.
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    lol, already a "delete Master Yi" thread there. :P

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