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    Probably going to stay home and sleep...

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    Gonna see if this is Gonna be a Peace and Harmony Era, that they Forsaw....which i doubt like hell Pure BS..

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    It's already 21/12/2012 here! My plans were to get completely smashed and laugh at the face of death when it comes.... Oh well :P

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    Party, there is a art show and live music all themed towards the end of the world at a local bar my friends are putting on. So that is what I will be doing...making my mad max costume right now.

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    20 minutes to midnight here and nothing is happenqg0htido tr9 8bu nngjSOSkoegjHELP_|_F#!!!

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    Get up at 7 am.
    Take the 8:22 train to work
    Get to work at 8:55
    Have lunch around 1 pm
    Get the train home around 5:10 pm
    Get home at 5:35 pm.
    Eat take-out pizza at about 7:30 pm
    Try to find a PuG for my feral druid or paladin.

    So nothing too special really.
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    Well it's my last day of school.. so yeah, studying until the very end!

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    So where is my doomsday? It's 00:44 here... I want to see the world go up in flames!
    Atoms are liars, they make up everything!

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    On a sidenote, i really wish the world goes down in a zombie apocalypse :P

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    Clean my GF's house and probably buy some more christmas presents.
    Will look on news tho, funny that some people will panic. ;3

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    Guys, srsly ? you arent in your bunkers ? ive been in my bunker since December 6th and i just got internet down here. Brace yourselves!
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    wat are the 2 gob mounts.. i only know the trike

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    00:47 fake american predictions crapy/shit/bullshit

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    Get up and go to work like any other Friday. Enjoy driving in first big snow of the year.

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    The official time for 'the end of the world' is 11:11 AM UTC on December 21 2012. Little more than 11 hours left.

    As for what I'll be doing, I'll be watching a movie most likely.
    Statix will suffice.

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    Be on a plane, so floods, zombies and earthquakes don't bother me. Rain of Fire might be a problem.

    Also following

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    im going to destroy the world muahahahaha =3

    not really tho, i like living too much ^^

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    Even though I'm more than aware that nothing's gonna happen, i can't help but feel a weird unease with all of this. And that is making me feel VERY dumb.

    Looking forward to the next "end of the world" prediction, and having a bunch of people who lived through ALL of the predictions so far believing it AGAIN!
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    Same thing I always do. Even if it was the end of the world, why change a good thing?

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    sit back, relax and laugh at ohter ppl's expense
    Lagg dosen't exist. Only bad Internetz...
    Paladins isent OP Blizz just made all ohter classes weaker.

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    Die, cause the world is ending.

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