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    Mexy's RP Blog (Adventures of Velirra Dawnstrider)

    Hello all!
    So, after some consideration I am planning on restarting World of Warcraft. Most of my time will be spent leveling with my dad, but in my spare time I will begin levelling a blood elf hunter: Velirra Dawnstrider (link to her BIO - http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...a-Dawnstrider) And the blog is a . . . journal of sorts for her. Since I do not know when exactly I will be starting up WoW again, I am starting from the defeat of Illidan Stormrage and onward. There will be numerous intriguing entries and short stories - all written in Velirra's eyes (first-person perspective) - to delve in to! I will warn ahead of time that there may be small lapses in my posting due to school/work, but I will not abandon this project, as it is something I have been waiting to do for almost a year now.
    There's also a link to my FB (if you feel like making a new friend) as well as a link back to all my character BIO's, and I will slowly add some more stuff to it to give it some character and variety!


    ((Link to Velirra's blog - http://velirraemberfire.blogspot.ca/ - , I will be putting it in my sig as well, for those that may miss this post. If you're interested; check it out! ;D))

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    Before anything else, as someone who passed a web design course, please take this to heart:


    To be more on topic... that's kewl. I'll show ya'll what I've been working on for the past couple days or so soonish.

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    Cool site! I should get around to getting flash or Dreamweaver so I can make a few pages of my own.

    I do have some suggestions though, as an animator I have taken an interest in graphic design and I have some ideas on how to improve your page a bit. One, bright white on bright green hurts Darced's eyes. Two, your background is a tad monotonous and would be more interesting as a collage with different colors and creatures, kind of like Sindrannaras' youtube channel. ( http://www.youtube.com/user/sindrann...e=results_main ) Third, The heading and subtitle for the heading are bright letters on a background that makes them hard to read. All together I feel the page would be more aesthetically pleasing if you darkened the backgrounds so your words can be easily read; using black for the letters is not acceptable! (Please don't fall for the pitfall for black is a cheap trick.) And if your background had some more creativity to it. Not trying to be cruel, but just some friendly advice for a quote on quote "KICK ASS PAGE."

    As a note on your return to WoW, I hope you enjoy it along with your father. The Sindorei will do well under your esteemed eyes. I say for anyone interested in ingame roleplay to join this campaign because Mexy is a great role player and he will lead you to awesome times.

    I however don't play anymore and now I've turned my attention to making Machinima for a Blizzard reel in which I hope they take me on as an intern this summer :P But if I start playing again I'll look you up Mex. Fear not, Darced lives on.... :P
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    Hey guys!
    Thanks for the advice; I realized later my background was a tad awful for the words to be read, haha! I will get to work on it right away!

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    @Madgod: what would be a good layout? I only have a few to work with, because this blogger thing can be very irritating lol.

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    It can be anything really, but typically you want contrast, so if you have a dark background, use very light text. If you have a light background, use dark text. Make sure colors don't clash either... try and keep all the colors fairly similar (so if you want to use blue a lot, try and use different tints, shades, and tones of blue, don't go too deep into purples and greens and definitely stay away from yellow and red). Make sure the colors match, but don't blend together to the point where you can't read anything.

    I'd also suggest using a background that seamlessly repeats. If you have photoshop or a similar image editing program (Not MS paint, not advanced enough sadly), you can make an abstract background and there's tutorials on the internet for making a repeating background.

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    If not Photoshop, Gimp is a good and free program that can alter images. GL.

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