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    Quote Originally Posted by Mew View Post
    You can still take shockwave on Empress though. You just can't keep the Reavers stunned 20% of the time, but you'll have to use it if you take a spike. I know it sucks to get nerfed in pve where you fight against scriped AI that dont care about getting stunned, but seriously, the ability was just insanely overpowered in pvp, that something had to be done.
    Because coding an ability to do one thing in PvE and one thing in PvP is impossible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightstalker View Post
    Thank you idiotic developers. Instead of nerfing it for PvP alone. Oh no guess what, we are to lazy so just change it in general.....
    gonna let you in on a secret that everyone should already know by now
    the MMO formula says that constant IMBALANCE is how you keep people around. if you give them perfection, they'll get bored and leave, nothing to look forward to. give them imbalance and promise perfection soon* and people will stay around waiting for said perfection

    right now they are simply changing to change. we're on our 3rd talent system in 2 years because change = content. classes have been powerful, weak, in between, changed druid specs to change, changed about everything just to change lately

    if you hate this change, move on. prove it with your lack of sub. your sub means you agree with everything they're doing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Senka View Post
    You guys ever think that it's a technical limitation that blocks them from dynamically basing Shockwave's cooldown on PVP? When you use an ability, the cooldown instantly starts. It's possible that it's impossible to change the cooldown after the game sees Shockwave hit a player.
    It's true they could have just halved the damage and stun of it against players if the frequency of it was the problem, but then you lose a lot of the utility of the stun itself, so that's probably why they did this.

    Anyway, learn and adapt. It's an online game, so that means things change. It's unhealthy to play an unwarranted victim complex. From this I'd think people here WANT Blizzard to genuinely hate them so they'd have something to bitch about.
    Considering every CC (except Cyclone and stuns in terms of duration) functions differently in PvE and PvP, no.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meathead View Post
    Second Wind Whenever you are below 35% health,you regenerate 2% health per second.

    Shockwave (Arms) Causing damage to 3 or more targets lowers the cooldown of the next Shockwave by 20 sec.40 sec cooldown.

    these are the latest round of nerfs for warriors.i wonder if the -healing debuff will still apply to 2nd wind after this nerf?the change to shock wave is just dumb,40 sec cd,good luck sticking to a target now.whats even worse no buff for bladestorm.

    i do not think there is a new warrior ability in mop that has not been nerfed,and thats why i dont play this game any more.i think these two new nerfs will really hurt warriors.after the last round of nerfs warriors were ina good spot,but this is over kill.when blizz nerfs cd stackg warriors will be back to cata bad "worst in game".first blizz nerfs burst,then utility and self healing,cd stacking is all that is left.attern seems familiar "cata"?lol.
    Good Ridance, I love it when ppl that can't play unless their class is op whine. Also if you had any clue how to play your class you'd have found what I found with high skill cap warrior awesome in cata.

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    Get used to it if you have played warrior for any length of time like I have you will know that blizz nerf warrior because they are hard to balance. The resource and base mechanics of warrior take far too much work and therefore money for blizz to bother overhauling or making any reasonable changes that might be remotely considered an exercise in class balance. I am now so used to it I was actually shocked that we were not nerfed harder in 5.1. I play mostly dps pve warrior and as a consequence of that I tend to collect as much gear as possible as a measure against the nerfs I fully expect to happen every expansion, I suggest all of you do the same, it takes up a lot of space but its worth it. You simply do not know what bizarre changes they will make to warrior from one patch to anther so lots of gear is your only insurance.

    Should we have to do this?; Absolutely not but if you choose to play a class that blizz itself doesn't really understand that is price and the reward is knowing that you are insane enough to stick with the nerf class. Obviously these are only ptr nerfs and can change the problem is they have opened with hard nerfs showing that they fully intend to nerf warrior so in one way or another we will see hard nerfs. These days I consider the warrior nerf cycle as much a part of the class as heroic strike, the problem is am I just sick with it now and yeah I probably am.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meathead View Post
    good luck sticking to a target now.
    Pretty sure that's what hamstring was meant for. And I'd like to take up the role as Cpt. Obvious here, and point out that Shockwave was meant for prot pve, not as a ''LOLICANLOCKPEOPLEDOWNBETTERTHANAROGUE'' ability.

    Warriors were nerfed because:

    They had superior survivability - SWall/Rallying Cry/2nd wind/spell reflect/die by the sword - 2nd wind as a standalone tool is not OP. (Not now that people are geared anyway.)
    They had superior damage/burst - CD stacking, 4-5 stack TfB, 1shot macros. (And random 1 shots because TfB is RNG based.)
    They had superior lockdown and gap closing - AoE fear/any t1 and t3 talent/Shockwave. Warriors > Rogues for locking down a target these days.

    While I don't agree to all the nerfs, most of them are completely justified.

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    Quote Originally Posted by klaps_05 View Post
    again, the wrong things are addressed -

    no penalty in staying in D stance
    shockwave still 50k+ noncrits, physical, aoe.
    Are you talking about PvE or PvP? If you're getting 50k non crits in pvp, you might need to get some reading glasses because your 2's look like 5's

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    This is a secret :o
    About time these 2 were nerfed seriously... I'm glad it is, Second wind was too much of a self heal and was by far the best choice in the tier. Shockwave had a lot of uses everywhere and it was a really hard thing to deal with... I mean... an aoe stun so often? Amazing control for both pvp and pve. Don't judge me by my class by the way - I just came here to give my opinion on these 2 abilities getting nerfed.

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    Prot getting shit on because Blizzard fucked up hard with the talent system and can't balance pvp. Love it.
    Look! Words!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gandrake View Post
    Why wouldn't they be complaining? Shockwave was one of the things that was fun about the class.

    But I don't know, what do you consider crying

    making a legitimate complaint in a calm and composed manner

    Ofcourse it's fun... long range stun, damage, 20 second cooldown. Just how we Warlocks enjoyed two-shotting with two Chaos Waves, or almost one-shotting with a Chaos Bolt. Doesn't feel nice getting some of your "fun" stuff taken away, now does it? PvP as it is right now is why we can't have nice things.

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    As if 10 yard cone is really considered long range aoe stun. I'm not really that bothered if the cd would go up to 30-40s for PvP only, but they should leave it to be 20 secs on PvE situations. Then again, I'm sure every class got at least one ability what is considered even somewhat OP because it's unique just to that class. They just want to make sure warrior is a class that doesn't have that one ability. Shockwave has never been a problem in MoP, because the stun does DR if aligned with some other stuff, so if warrior only stuns you with shockwave every 20 seconds (plus charge "interrupt" stuns), is that too often compared how much warriors are sitting rooted and slowed?

    Maybe the 4 secs is too long for PvP though, why not trade the stun durations straight with stormbolt to make that one more viable for PvP? That one is single target with 30s cd and only 3 secs stun. I can't understand the real reason for shockwave to have 4s stun with cone with 20s cd either, when stormbolt just has worse stats overall except range.

    Though I wouldn't mind if they would alter shockwave to have different element for dps, like higher damage for Arms/Fury but a way shorter stun or just knockback utility with slow, like the barbarian shockwave can be in diablo3. Though the reason Blizzard is doing some adjustments for PvP with shockwave is probably because it's been picked too often. If only they would make Bladestorm more viable with shorter cooldown or something, we would see some variation... It feels so out of place on both PvE and PvP in current state with 1.5min CD and low dps.
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    From a PVP stand point i'm happy because I just find warriors ridiculous compared to every other class. Too much ability to completely lockdown a target in a flurry of stuns and fears and far harder than any other class to kill with the constant heal at low health.

    I get why people are annoyed that it will also affect PVE but if it makes warriors underpowered there I can imagine there will be further changes to fix that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paulosio View Post
    From a PVP stand point i'm happy because I just find warriors ridiculous compared to every other class. Too much ability to completely lockdown a target in a flurry of stuns and fears and far harder than any other class to kill with the constant heal at low health.

    I get why people are annoyed that it will also affect PVE but if it makes warriors underpowered there I can imagine there will be further changes to fix that.
    The problem is that I foresee the latter not happening. My complaint, from a PVE side, is that I actually enjoy doing old content and solo things on my warrior. However, the lack of self heals makes most of it difficult enough already. The change to SW is actually an extreme detriment no matter how they want to claim otherwise. There are already a few fights in Naxx that can be difficult enough. I honestly believe that unless you're in at least a full tier of raiding set, Naxx 10 won't even be solo'able anymore.

    And that's not something blizzard will ever make any adjustment for, and a reason why I will no longer pay for subscriptions. I and maybe others, are really tired of the half in half out bullshit on their part. If we pose complaints about content or absence they make points that there are other content options ie, pet farming, achievement farming, transmog farming, and others. Yet when they make changes aimed to addressing PVP problems which directly ruin or kill certain PVE aspects of the game, there is zero fucks given because all of the sudden that content isn't important or anything Blizzard cares about.

    It's a double standard which is really fucking tiresome of dealing with.

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    Sweet warriors back to the bottom i 5.2. Its not just the warrior nerfs that are semi reasonable, its the MASSIVE buffs all the other melee are getting. Rogues, dks, monks, enh all got buffed (rogues and monks out the ass) so wars are going to be circling the bottom im sure in 5.2 if these sorts of changes go through.

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    Here's to hoping the SW change won't stop us from soloing SWP/Souls in BT.

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    Wasnt the only viable time to use shockwave as prot was in AE groups? If you hit a certain amount of targets the CD remains the same.

    The nerf to arms PvP will be tough though.
    “It is either easy or impossible.” - Salvador Dali

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    Second wind is only really scaling nerf but shockwave nerf is killer

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    Not sure if you people are serious about the shockwave nerf?

    Monks have a similar ability, it's on a 1 minute CD, stuns for 3 seconds, and does 0 damage.

    Shockwave is still way better, even on a 1 minute CD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crispin View Post
    Not sure if you people are serious about the shockwave nerf?

    Monks have a similar ability, it's on a 1 minute CD, stuns for 3 seconds, and does 0 damage.

    Shockwave is still way better, even on a 1 minute CD.
    They are changing the same monk ability to have 30 sec cd actually :P

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    I think I'll be dropping Shockwave and picking Dragon Roar up again and Double Time for Warbringer. Just adapt people, we'll be fine.

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