Thread: 5.2 and BoA's

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    5.2 and BoA's

    seems that all pre cata boa's has become 1-85 aswell now + they added a spell OH and a shield so far ( 1 tanking, one spell)

    guess it wont be many patches until cloak/legs/head will be all the way up to 90?

    so was this a needed change or? what ya think?

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    Nice. I approve. It was pointless to have some heirlooms go to 80, and a few others to 85. All of them should go to 85. We probably won't see level 90 heirlooms until we are level 95.

    Do you have any models for the new shield and offhand?
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    Sure, i dont see why it wouldnt be good, Cataclysm is no longer current content, and we had no shields... so yeah. Also appertantly theres goin to be more BoA aside from that. Which is nice.

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    Just wonder if they're upgrading the old ones or putting in brand new ones. Trade old for new, perhaps ?
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    Do you have any models for the new shield and offhand?
    Don't know my ways around the forums with codes n shit but according to the icons + most items looks like something from vanilla the shields would be the one from last boss in UBRS and one that is a green random drop ( similiar to the one from mana tombs first boss on normal)

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    So shields finally make an appearance. After I have leveled all of my shielding wearing alts. Great.
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    i wish they could spend the time to make Boa's account wide instead of adding more things like shields/adjust for another 5lvls

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    Been waiting since the first BoA's in Wrath for a shield. Finally they are making some!

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