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    Can we use the candles on your shoulders to kill the spiders in the druid t15 they scare me lol.

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    I was greatly disappointed in this Tier....
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    Well i like some of the tiers... and the priest T15 is not that bad... and the others... well

    Druids: Cool
    Hunter: I like it
    Mage: I like it
    Monk: meehhh
    Paladin: Ermm... i don't know
    Rogue: I like... the belt at least :P (decent looking set)
    Warlock: Decent looking set... but the helm looks awfull on female characters >.>

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    The priest set is mostly drab, IMO. The candles are...interesting. If they just have that subtle* smoke effect, the shoulders could be interesting. If they add garish flame effects, bleh.

    *Subtle for WoW tier sets, anyway
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    As per post-wrath usual stitches and metal-cloth galore, with stylish and creative candles to top it off! Did I mention ropes and very visible stitches? You'd think by now those magical seamstresses making the most powerful cloth in the world would know how to handle a needle!

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    while i still dont think theyre on par with tier 4/5/6 i think theyre still better than anything cataclysm offered

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    Anyone else think that the warrior T15 looks like it would be questing gear from a lower level area? lol

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    I don't actually mind these, to be quite honest.
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    I like the thought around the set, but for the love of god, I could shit better looking sets than that.
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    If the bells make a ringing noise while the priest walks around, I'm going to stockpile potions of illusion so I can be a priest forever.

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    It's not THAT bad. I like it more than t14 and t13 for sure.


    Quote Originally Posted by b0sanac View Post
    Troll-theme again ugh. Thank god transmog is available lol.
    What? It is obviously mogu-themed. The only troll-like set I see is the warlock one, and it's because of the face.

    EDIT: Just saw the hunter tier, now I'm glad I am a priest!

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    I really dislike both the t15 and the new pvp set. For the only class that has two opposite roles even in the concept (light/shadow) I think those set are too less ambiguous and too "bishop-like". I really miss the mystical but 'both sided' look of t5, t6, t8, t10, t13...

    ...And once again, I must envy warlocks. Their pvp set is... Shadowy. More shadowy than it should fit to a lock, imho.

    Also, why the new mage tier has psyfiends-things everywhere? O_o

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    Im sorry for you guys, Im gonna be a dinosaur.

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    It isn't any worse than all the previous sets imo. they're equally bad.
    But i must say the middle around the chest area looks so out of place! They should put something there like figures or whatever

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    I'm sure you could do better...

    I like the teir, can't wait for the warrior stuff.

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    The good:
    - Those candles are a really nice touch. Very goth. Fits both the cultist and a mystic archetype well.
    - I could also get used to them bells... in time. Some of them at least.
    - That belt / book bag is pretty cool
    - The thick rope theme for holding the dress in place is quite nice.

    The bad:
    - While I could get used to them bells, the priest currently does look like a dressed-up christmas three. All it needs is the christmas orbs, some glitter and a star at the top instead of that topmost bell.
    - That's 50 kg of hard cast iron on each shoulder. A huge improvement from the last tier which had so much mass that small celestial bodies inhabited it, but still not exactly ... cloth. You could have sold this as a vanilla paladin set.

    The ugly:
    - The colors of the red/blue set is perfect for the mystic who just ventured out of the closet.
    - The colors of the green/red/blue set is perfect for anyone who loves coder colors.


    The good:
    - Pope hat!
    - It can be considered cloth, and its still looking robust. Me like.

    The bad:
    - So this is where all those christmas orbs missing from the PVE set went...

    The ugly
    - Bonzo the clown called, and he wanted to cut a deal. He gets the ridiculous-looking suit next tier, we get the clown suit. It's a win-win!
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    Yes I always wanted a cow bell on my head...
    No but in all seriousness it seems a tad boring compared to the other classes I thought

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    if you wanted to look like a fantasy catholic-like priest or some sort of dark acolyte, I have bad news for you:

    you will not get that on a PvE set for the whole of mists of pandaria.

    only asian-style stuff that matches pandaren priests.

    transmog or wait for the next expansion.
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    Worst tier ever. Horrible look and colours are not a help.

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    Not a fan of the colour schemes, though the light blue one is alright. Shoulders show promise, and I do like the book/belt combo. But the hat... urgh....

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