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    Quote Originally Posted by wintervictor View Post
    Although I'm not quite like troll, but Troll need some LOVE, give them a new home T_T
    They ARE getting a new home, six feet under because that's where all the Trolls will end up once our long and glorious quest of Troll extermination is finally over.

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    trollicide, the Internets ultimate goal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Golden Yak View Post
    The Zandalari were always meant to be the original troll race that all the others derive from.

    Personally, I hope we go and see what's left of Zandalar. It and Undermine are two ravaged island nations that would make great zones/raids.
    Know its a bit of a late post, but I want to say in a blue post on the beta forums they said that the Zandalari island was destroyed in the maelstrom hence the Trolls moving to Panadaria but I could be wrong.

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    While things can change there are only 3 PvP mounts in the patch files indicating just 3 tiers and seasons. Unless hes the 13th boss I don't think we will be seeing him unless he sides with garrosh and we kill him in the siege or something.

    If anything, I think he would be saved for some sort of Naga expansion, if that ever happens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by orangelemonrain View Post
    While things can change there are only 3 PvP mounts in the patch files indicating just 3 tiers and seasons. Unless hes the 13th boss I don't think we will be seeing him unless he sides with garrosh and we kill him in the siege or something.

    If anything, I think he would be saved for some sort of Naga expansion, if that ever happens.
    If Blizzard truly felt DS failed, there will be a fourth tier.

    A year-long raid would need nearly 20 bosses.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lumineus View Post
    World of Wisconsin. We travel to the real world to fight the minions of the latest Old god, Kurdwheychez the unudderable. Introducing the long-awaited cow level.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tauror View Post
    I didn't said that aren't a threat, only that they aren't villains like the others.
    Aren't they? Illidan wasn't the servant of the Legion, he just did his stuff, ruling Outland until we broke in and killed him. Kael'thas just wanted his people to find a way to survive, overcome their magic addiction and prosper (however twisted that way was). Qiraji also just wanted to expand.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Constellation View Post
    Im talking about the Zandalari trols enlisting help from Horde and Alliance to prevent the Gurubashi from going nuts. Until Cataclysm, Zandalari Trolls were a neutral faction.
    Again, I am not talking about ceasefire. Why no one sabotages horde/alliance relationship to the point where all that will remain of both would be ruins. Twilight Hammer had a good idea, but Deathwing just couldnt wait until he could break some shit...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandible View Post
    King Rastafari isn´t leading the Zandalari at given time, but the prophet Zul. He is either lost, dead or something third (better or worse). Would guess that he could be the last 13th boss on heroic mode, or it could be Zul too. But in any case would be rather annoyed if this is just some idea from blizzard to wipe out another troll faction like they did in Northrend (and for some odd reason change them to forest trolls when they have been portrayed as jungle trolls since Zg raid).[COLOR="red"]
    Vol'jin says: Dat I was. Da Zandalari called a meeting 'o all da troll tribes includin' da Darkspears.
    Vol'jin says: King Rastakhan, he be plannin' to unite da troll tribes under his Zandalari.
    Vereesa Windrunner says: Including the Amani?
    Vol'jin says otherwise.

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    I want to make a heartfelt proclamation in favor of Zandalari trolls of Zandalar, parents of all trolls in particular and the entire civilization in general.

    Trolls... a race as old as the world itself, with an ancient culture and a legacy what should not disappear just like that.

    It is true that their splendor time has passed, but the trolls are a strong and proud race that has prevailed until this day overcoming great obstacles...

    But trolls have been relegated as a race for a long time, too time. They deserve a better status to return to be a significant race in the Azeroth of nowadays, a valid race as the others.

    So from here I ask that the Zandalari not end up like the other troll tribes: corrupted, vengeful, and ultimately, as enemies for all.

    The Zandalari deserve a different future, a better future ... they are the last hope of the trolls of Azeroth ... and trolls are very important in Azeroth!

    The Zandalari, the remnant of a mighty empire that ruled Azeroth with an iron fist, before internal conflicts successively divided the trolls into dozens of different tribes. Once divided, corruption was gnawing at each of the tribes, until soon only Zandalari were witnesses of their glorious past.

    From their vast island of Zandalar, Zandalari trolls lived in peace and prosperity within the welfare state that had preserved: the legacy of what remains of their empire. With abundant natural resources and treasures the Zandalari had all their needs covered and their comfortable autarky was more than enough for them, but, perhaps anticipating the future, the wise king Zandalari, King Rastakhan took special interest in opening up to the world, in concrete to fight corruption that plagued other troll tribes while to make sure their ancient heritage was not lost.

    In fact not so long ago the Zandalari collaborated briefly with the Horde and the Alliance to fight against corruption that plagued the Gurubashi tribe. But everything changed when the Destroyer abruptly reappeared in Azeroth...

    The cataclysm caused big losses for Zandalari, but not only material losses if not also spiritual ones. The former leader of the Zandalari, King Rastakhan of Zuldazar lies sick prey to a mysterious illness. Now, his trusted lieutenant, the prophet Zul, governs as a leader of the desolate Zandalari, which plunged into chaos and in abject despair hear his poisoned words urging them to fight to regain their lost empire.

    Frustrated his attempt to unite all the troll tribes of Azeroth under his command, the Prophet Zul will make the impossible to fulfill his expectations, even if it means revive ancient evils and go toe to toe against the two superpowers of Azeroth: The Horde and the Alliance.

    The delusions of grandeur of this false prophet does not bode well, neither for them nor for the rest of Azeroth, but ... who can redeem the Zandalari?, will the King Rastakhan return to the throne of Zuldazar?, who is actually that prophet Zul?, can the Zandalari rid of the corrupting influence of the dark prophet?, are destined the Zandalari to suffer the same fate as the other tribes?

    The options the Zandalari have are scarce, since they cannot fight the Horde or the Alliance (much less both together) as they would lost, and cannot stay out of the two superpowers of Azeroth as then their people would become extinct. The Zandalari must understand that their survival, for the first time in many years, no longer depend on themselves...

    Only someone as the new Warchief of the Horde, the veteran Vol'jin, son of Sen'jin, could unmask that traitor prophet and earn the respect of all Zandalari. In exchange for eliminating the corruption that plagues the remains of Zandalar and for cure their King, the Zandalari will show Vol'jin their support by joining into the ranks of the Horde.

    The fate of the Zandalari is at the Horde of Vol'jin (as we can all see very soon in the upcoming novel based on the new Warchief). The Zandalari, united under the protective mantle of the Horde, will be stronger and will fight together against a future increasingly gloomy, while making available to the Horde their numerous natural resources and all their naval power. Who knows if the Darkspear will find their permanent home in Zandalar by reintegrating themselves with the Zandalari ... or who knows if Zandalari naval fleet on the part of Horde can compete with the naval fleet of Kul Tiras on the part of Alliance.
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    The Zandalari represent the last union of all Troll kingdoms. Now, I certainly don't idealize the Native Americans such as the Mayans or the Aztes, imagining them to be a cross between Pocahontas and the Na'vi off Avatar - by any means. However, brutal as the Troll tribes are, they are believable, "human" in a strange way. I don't think they should get the Mel Gibson treatment is what I'm saying.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Haven View Post
    Aren't they? Illidan wasn't the servant of the Legion, he just did his stuff, ruling Outland until we broke in and killed him. Kael'thas just wanted his people to find a way to survive, overcome their magic addiction and prosper (however twisted that way was). Qiraji also just wanted to expand.
    Illidan and Kael´thas was working with demons, and attacking destroying innocents large scale. The Qirajii are servants of the old gods which means they don´t just want to expand but also kill all of us.
    While the Zandalari have attacked some its out of desperation so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rainbow Thunder View Post
    Vol'jin says otherwise.
    and Vol´jin probably thought it was so.
    "Only Jack can zip up."
    The word you want to use is "have" not "of".
    You may have alot of stuff in your country, but we got Lolland.

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    We'll probably kill them all off. It's a shame really. I liked how they had become the refugee tribe. Amani, Gurubashi, Drakkari, Farraki, and Zandalari all united under a single banner to carve a future for the good of trollkind. With their empires crushed and homelands destroyed they had a chance for awesome development.

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    The Zandalari will probably continue to be a 'minor' enemy for some time after MoP but eventually I think that once we've killed off most of their leaders they'll end up becomming friendly again.

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    It is a little silly.

    The Zandalari are meant to be the smartest and most scholarly of all the trolls.

    The Horde and Alliance have at every opportunity came down hard upon Trolls who resurrect some dead god/warrior to bring back lost ancient glory.
    For smart trolls they should be avoiding conflict with the factions that decimated the otherl troll empires not effectively gunning for it!

    It also didn't make sense that the Drakkari and Gurubashi would join them after the Zandalari effectively put them down themselves (with our help)

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    Interesting, I had not realized that my idea already had been taken by more people...

    Quote Originally Posted by checking facts View Post
    "bruddhas, hear me out. you all be tryin' ta relive the ol' days o' glory back when trolls ruled over the world. but as you can see, that time be long past. trolls, even together, can no longer trample over all da other races. da world has now many more races than it once had. newer races like humans. alien races like orcs. we can no longer be on top of all, friends. but we can be on top along with many others. as soon as that racist god-playing monster who sacrifices his own and his allies for power, garrosh hellscream, is put down, we can all be together on the top of da world as da horde! join me, me bruddhas. let's put hellscream down and create new days o' glory, days much better than trollkind has ever experienced!"
    Exactly, that is, the Zandalari does not deserve to end exterminated like the other troll tribes, they are not corrupt, they just have a lousy leader who will lead them to ruin.

    Vol'jin should uncover the truth and help his troll fellows, and so the Zandalari would become a strong hub for the Horde! How? for example following my idea...
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