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    [Fan Stuff] My Little Warcraft

    Hello everyone. I wanted to make a topic here to showcase some of the stuff that I'm working on, and have been working on for the past week. I have some pictures and am currently working on a fanfic, crossing over... well, MLP and WoW. Not exactly original, but hey, some fun I guess.

    So here's some pics I've worked on;


    You can also find the prologue here;


    If you have trouble with dA, Fanfiction.net also hosts too;



    All comments, criticism, bashing, whatever, is welcome ^^

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    Oh god no...no please no. Don't bring that shit into Warcraft. Keep that taint away from it please! I don't mean to sound harsh but it will ruin Warcraft in my eye.
    "Facts", brought to you by Jaylock.
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    Its not a matter of opinion when FACTS back up the fact that this is one of the best expansions they have ever created.

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    No... whatever but not ponies... pleaso no.... NO!!!
    Ponies are for little girls, deal with it.

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    Gtfo with this gay shit

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    Straight side of the internet, we are in need! The best game ever is being exposed to The Taint! We need to unite!

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    ponies are hated enough by everyone who's not a brony


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    I mean, crossovers between Warcraft and other universes would be cool, but... why Ponies? Why not something badass? Idk, World of Batman?

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    ^A little harsh guys..

    OT: While I don't like My little Pony, the drawings are good, but as you've seen you won't get that much of a great reaction from most. Don't let it put you down though!
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    Nah, I disagree with your elitist mentality.
    Tier gear should be available during the leveling process. I don't want to have to mingle with these eltitist jerks in LFR to get gear as it is. I pay a sub fee, I shouldn't have to do LFR to get raid gear, much less Flex or Normal.

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    Sounds like you guys dont know what friendship is.

    But seriously no.

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    I'm gonna play stand-in mod and go:

    Use the ponythread.
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    Looks good! But I'm going to have to ask you to keep it in the pony thread: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...e-End-is-Neigh!

    We don't allow separate threads because it usually just ends in flamewars.
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