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    No boot media detected after reboot.

    Hey guys,

    5 Days ago it started that when I shut down my PC for the night, next morning he does not detect my HDD and my DVD Writer. It seems like he simply doesn't detect my SATA devices.

    When I open my computer and either swap the SATA cables (there are 2 slots I can put them in) or I simply take them out and insert them in the same slot again, my computer seems to be rebooting fine. No further issues for the day.

    My rig is about 2.5y old, haven't had any issues. It does seem there's quite a lot of dust that has accumulated on the inside, which has been cleaned by me yesterday. I also noticed one of my case fans, the on the side, no longer works.

    I don't know a lot about PCs, but could it indicate that my motherboard (ASRock P55 Deluxe3), or at least SATA controller, is starting to fail? Would it be a temporary 'solution' to keep my computer running overnight in Sleep Mode? Of course I'll replace my case fan first one of these days.

    Right now I have a CPU fan and one exhaust fan. I have room for 2 front fans: Does getting 1 extra help keep some of the dust out, or should I simply replace the one I had and have a can of compressed air with me at all times

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    adding fans adds more dust, put filters on your intake fans, and intake ports, cheap filters can be made from black pantyhose

    as for your sata ports, it sounds like they may be dying, but i would make sure that your bios and chipset drivers are up to date first, inconsistant errors are generally software, however, you can buy a sata port PCIe card for fairly cheap


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    Thank you Cyanotical. I don't think I ever updated the BIOS and chipset drivers in these 3 years. Did not know that was necessary, now I do.

    Perhaps I'll wait with fans a little. It's going to be fairly cold here for the next 4 months anyway so I'll look into it during summertime (when I'll most likely replace my rig with a new one). The filter tip is a good one, I'll look into it. Thank you again.

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