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    Your favourite and most hated game?

    What's yours?
    My favourite would be either MW2 or Halo 3, mostly because of the nostalgia
    Most hated: Black Ops, boring campaign, terrible graphics (yes i know, graphics don't make a game, but the graphics of the game are about from 2006), laggy servers, and just bad overall.

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    Favorite: Diablo II

    Most hated: Cant think of any right now.

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    favorite is Bioshock, least favorite is inFamous 2, mostly because it was such a letdown :/

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    My favourite is probably Tales of Symphonia.
    Most hated: Idk, i usually don't buy games I'd hate.
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    Stood in the Fire
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    My favorite is the monster hunter series
    Most hated is the overrated call of duty

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    Favorite = WOW, KoF. Devil May Cry. and Diablo 2
    and cant stand, Nintendo games like karate kid and ninja turtles 1

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    Favorite: WoW. It's because of all the good times I've had in it. It's really hard for a gamer like me to pick one specific game though. I mean, there are a lot of games and series that I love.

    Most hated: Any game that is me and friends against each other, with no computer players. It's not that I don't think they're fun, it's just that it brings out the angry, bad loser in me.

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    Favourite: Age of Empire 2 (classic!!)
    Most Hated: All Need for Speed games

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    Fav: CoD 1
    Hate: SC2 hype

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    The game that I had the most fun with was Champions of Norrath, and the close 2nd Champions: Return to arms. Although there was no online gameplay the single/cooperative conquest was fantastic! The most hated would probably be when Iw as a kid and tried to play the Yu-gi-oh gameboy advance game, just plain turrible.
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    Fav: Age of Empires 2.
    Hate: Any fps during WW2, any car game that isn't Mario Kart, any sports game.

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    Favourite. : System Shock 2
    Least : final fantasy 13 (never has a game let me down so so much)

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    Favourite: WoW/ SC2

    Least: Most FPS games

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    So hard to choose a favorite game. I don't think I can do it. Right now I'm basically only logging on WoW for raids, but I've played it for so long I doubt it would belong anywhere but in a list of my favorite games. I guess I could just make a list of my top games: WoW, SC2, The Sims 3 (best of all the Sims game imo), Portal & Portal 2, Plants vs Zombies, Tales of Symphonia, Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, Pokemon (especially, Red/Green/Yellow. Lot's of nostalgia there) and Age of Empires.

    Most hated? I haven't really hated any game. I was just bored and stopped playing.

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    Most Favorite: StarCraft II, NBA2K
    Most Hated: Kiddy-Shooters like Call of Duty, CounterStrike or Halo.

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    wow both 10char

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    Man it is harder than I thought to pick one favorite game...

    I would say that Darksiders/Assassins Creed series/Mass Effect series/Kotor1&2 and Portal 1/2 are all equally tied.

    Most hated would be Ikagruga simply because of the difficulty that makes me break my controllers.

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    Favorite- X-Com (terror from the deep)
    Least favorite- everything that has poor story and brainless shooting in it.
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    The best for me was : Master of Orion 1 & 2
    Least Favorite : The old Movie games (Back to the furtur, Friday 13th etc ... )

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    The Patient
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    Favorite: I guess some of the SNES classics, either Super Metroid, Chrono Trigger or Secret of Mana. (due to nostalgia.)
    Hated: I can't remember the actual name, but it was a Gladius (or Gladius-like) game (side scrolling space flight with upgrades etc.) for, I think, the Sega Mega Drive.
    That game was so over the top awfully hard, no game ever made me want to smash whatever was in range at the next wall that hard!

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