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    Kittens Game

    I just saw the thread for the Clickers Heroes and figured I'd post another "clicking" game.

    This one is one based around building a kitten village/town and discovering technologies, upgrades and religion.

    I thought it was pretty dumb at first, then 2 months later I'm still playing and haven't "finished" it (quotations around finish will make sense once you play it)

    I'll check back if anyone tries it and has questions. There is also a Reddit and Wiki page at the bottom of the game if you have questions.

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    Play with kittens!

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    Played it for two days now. It's almost like a city builder, but in a Clicker format. It does take a little bit of time to get into it though, and the lack of graphics may turn off a number of potential players, but it has more depth to it than most other Clicker games I have seen.

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    Yes it's more of a city builder type game than Clicker Heroes or Cookie Clicker.

    The further you get the more materials you unlock via technologies and upgrades. It is very in-depth, as I said I'm 2 months playing and still not even CLOSE to end-game.

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