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    [A] The Wanderers - Steamwheedle Cartel

    Raid status;

    Currently we are 6/6 MV, 3/6 HoF and 2/4 ToES.

    We are looking to start progress in MV heroic soon.

    About us;

    Our guild was founded on 6th of March in 2006 to be a nice home for like minded people who wanted to relax and have fun after a long hard day at work/school. Over time, our membership has grown and brought together many different people with different interests.

    Amongst other activities we started to raid, at first rather randomly and unplanned, later more regularly. By the end of Vanilla we had visited Zul'Gurub and UBRS. Our first planned raids took place mid TBC and at the end of TBC we founded our Raid team.

    This raid team has raided all content regularly ever since, offering steady progression to mature players who devote up to 9 hours a week total to raiding. It is not much compared to many other raiding guilds, but our goal is to use that time most efficiently and enjoy the content this game has to offer.

    However, we still remain a social guild with raid team. We have many members who do not raid. Instead we quest in groups, pvp, organise fun events like our TM - suicide trivia.

    All in All - we have something for everyone.

    What we offer;

    We offer all the perks and benefits a lvl 25 guild can give, including a nice guild atmosphere with a large number of members online.

    We aim to start up our legacy raids again shortly, offering people the chance to clear content they may have missed in Cataclysm and even previous expansions. We also run organised events with prizes and surprises allowing people to get to know each other better and have a good time. At some point in the future we will also start our successful social raids for this expansion for those members who cannot commit to a raiding schedule.

    For raiders we offer a chance to enjoy all newest content as part of a 25man team which raids three nights a week. (Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday; 20:00-23:00 Server Time).
    Feasts are supplied by the guild.
    There is also a repair budget for every member of the guild.

    What we expect of you;

    Above all we expect people to be nice, mature and treat others with respect.

    If you are interested in a raider spot, you must have knowledge of your class and a willingness to keep up to date with the most recent changes. You should also be aware of fight mechanics and tactics, being unaware of your surroundings and dying in fire will not reflect well in any guild.

    What we are looking for;

    We are always looking for nice folks to join us as social members. Recruiting in this section is never closed.

    Currently recruiting;

    DPS: OPEN TO ALL. (Ranged in particular)

    Even if your class/role is not listed feel free to apply anyway. We will always accept skilled players.

    If you are interested in us you will find a lot more info, all the rules and guidance how to apply from our homepage at;


    Alternatively you can contact any Officer ingame with any questions.
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    Bumpity bump.

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    Particularly interested in Warlock, Mage, Holy Paladin and Mistweaver Monk currently.

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    Bumpity bump.

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    Wouldn't mind a good Warlock, Holy Paladin or Mistweaver!

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    Bumpity bump.

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    Bumpity Bump.

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    Still interested in more Ranged and a Mistweaver/Holy Paladin!

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    Bumpity Bump.

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    Bumpity bump.

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    Bumpity bump.

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    Post updated!

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    Progress updated.

    After more DPS!

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    Updated once more.

    Still after DPS!

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    We still need DPS (ranged in particular) to help progressing in Throne of Thunder 25man (we're currently on Horridon). Holy Paladins or Mistweavers are also welcome.

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