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    What are you eating for Christmas dinner?

    It's that time of year again.

    -What are you guys eating for Christmas dinner?

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    'Murrica, of course.
    Turkey (whole, baked), ham (whole, baked), green bean casserole, fresh bread, home-made mashed potatoes w/ bacon and garlic and lots of other goodies, deviled eggs. Yes I am going to FEAST tomorrow.

    Btw. I like your Christmas based threads. :3

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    We're all gluttonous people feeding on the third world. Huehue.

    I'm spending christmas in Germany so my prediction would be A LOT of sausages.
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    Made a 7kg baconblanketed ham slowroasted at low heat in oven for almost a whole day, stripped the bacon, made a honey+mustard+spices glaze for the ham, covered it and stuck back to the oven on high heat for a bit. Nomnom. Then some salted but raw salmon, smoked salmon, sort of potatoemush that gets done in oven as well, same a carrotversion, beetroots, few different sauces, and ricecinnemon porridge. Fat times, fat times.

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    A bit of codfish, octopus, turkey, lamb, and tons of traditional portuguese sweets..... oh, just thinking about it is enough to make me hungry...

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    Turkey crown, mustard & honey glazed ham, roast potatoes (in goose fat), boiled potatoes, boiled carrots with butter, bacon rolls filled with cheese, roast chestnut stuffing, turkey gravy, baked brussel sprouts with bits of bacon (which I love), cranberry sauce, mint sauce.

    Sherry Trifle for dessert as well as various other things that'll come with salted caramel cream, custard, brandy cream.

    I'm sure there's more, it's my mom making it anyway.

    Also got plenty of general food such as a Camembert for baking that has a sweet chilli glaze, smoked salmon, and alcohol such red wine, mulled wine, alcoholic ginger beer and so on; one of which i'll likely have with the dinner.
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    Some Bigmacs with a side of 20 McNuggets from McDonalds.....

    Ok fine, I am eating Ham, Turkey, and all the typical Christmas dinner items.

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    Kebab with fries.

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    Turkey baked some mashed spuds green bean casserole which i adore, apple and pumpkin pie

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    Likely fake-chicken fajita. Gentile vegetarianism! \o/

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    Pandaren Monk Skizzit's Avatar
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    A heaping bowl of tears and loneliness.

    Actually I have no idea. Going to my aunts house for Christmas this year so whatever she is cooking. Probably the typical turkey or ham and stuff.

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    'Murrica, of course.
    Quote Originally Posted by Baiyn View Post
    Likely fake-chicken fajita. Gentile vegetarianism! \o/
    How do you know if someone is a vegan/vegetarian?

    No, but really, I am going to die from eating 8 pounds of turkey tomorrow.

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    Turkey, roast potatoes, stuffing, sausages wrapped in bacon, vegetables lots of gravy. And then for after, Christmas pudding and cream.



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    A whole Iberico ham to slice this evening, then scallops, then filet steak main, B&J chocolate fudge ice cream dessert.

    Turkey crown from a farm down the road tomorrow, with all the traditional sides.

    Favorite part of Christmas these days.

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    Some bread, onions, maybe some cheese if we can afford it otherwise just salt ...

    On a more serious note, :-?? I dunno christmas stuff xD...

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    A big slab of meat.

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    Turkey, dinner rolls, and not sure what else. I just know that much.
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    Am I the only one that has a Prime Rib in the oven?! Come on guys go big or go home!
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    Probably some pizza. Maybe some chili-cheese dip instead.

    Girlfriend has to work and my family is in Maryland, so it'll just be like every other day.

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