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    Faction Changing & Followers

    Not sure if this has been addressed yet, but what happens to followers when you faction change? I plan on faction changing and switching mains at some point, from rogue to DK, but I'm really concerned about my followers. Right now on my rogue I have all the followers you can acquire by default, as I've never had an Inn on him. All my followers are Epic & above 630, and all the ones needed for my Highmaul Missions are 645+ (Master Plan is way too good). I know, for example, that Delver Ironfist is a Blood DK Bodyguard from Stormshield for Alliance, but the Horde equivalent is Vivianne who is a Mage Bodyguard from Warspear. I assume that Delver will change to Vivianne when I faction change, and this will mess up my follower set-up, but I'm not sure how extensively (and tbh, all my followers will be 655 by the time I xfer anyway).

    On my DK, which I will be maining when I faction change, I do have an Inn. I've also acquired all the default Alliance followers, but I've just been using my Inn to fill in gaps and get epic mounts. Should I bother upgrading any of my followers iLvl on him, or just save everything up for when I faction change? Also what happens to my Inn followers, will they change to Horde versions as well? What should I be going for from my Inn to ensure an optimal setup on him for AFTER I faction change?

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    All faction specific followers will have their abilities and traits randomized if you change faction. So don't do it.

    Just roll a new character on the other faction instead.

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    Copy pasted from an old thread of mine here last week;

    Hey guys, not sure if this has already been posted before but if you're planning on faction changing, WAIT UNTIL ALL YOUR MISSIONS ARE DONE

    When my friend bought me a FC for Christmas, I gleefully took it, not thinking that it would gimp my missions, but it made all of them drop from 100% chance to complete to as low as 50% chance, probably where the followers are all changed over. This cost me 3 legendary stones and two ilvl 630 drops.

    Just a heads up

    Okay so here's what I know so far.
    - The traits and abilities *seem* to remain the same on each character. You also keep their ilvl and rarity
    - Anything horde is turned into Alliance (if you go Horde to Alliance, obviously). Each orc/troll/belf/undead/tauren/goblin seems to have a partner follower on the Alliance side, so all your followers faction change too. I think this is where the issue with the percentages on missions came in.

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