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    148 solves. Rings, scarab thingy and finally the mount. Never did archy again!

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    Had the Vortex Pinnacle mount drop early this past weekend and was getting bored of running Stonecore for that mount so I decided to farm the Tol'vir mount. Thankfully I read about the Mantid Sonic thingee. Took me about an hour to get Lorewalker exalted. Half a day on Saturday and another half day Sunday and I had the mount (the cat statues that sell for 100g dropped pretty frequently too which was nice).

    And not once in all that time in Uldum did I see ONE mysterious camel figurine @_@

    Lot of alliance gankers at the port in spot though.

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    Whats the script you guys are running? The one I had doesnt work anymore.
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    I did get my mount in 13 tries back in cata so I have never had to "grind" it that much. But trading in grey artifacts from mop is the fastet way I would imagine.

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    im currently farming pandaria archaeology sights for the achievements, close to all collectors now, i buy tolvir crates for all turns ins + all motes. About 300~ something solves, no scepter yet.

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    Also, if it wasnt for the collectors achievements in mop i wouldnt go there, Kalimdor is faster.
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    got it on my 7th solve
    When I tell em that, people hate me
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frolk View Post
    got it on my 7th solve
    When I tell em that, people hate me
    Yep, I hate you.

    I took a break from farming. Still sitting at around 560 solves. I'm going to pick it up again, and pray I get it soon.

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    [12:50:20] Tol'vir: 12 (rare: 5 solved: 666)
    a very fitting number for this long and boring grind (done in cata)

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    So, was actually at 540 solves.

    logged on tonight to pick up the farm. 545th solve. Mount. Thank you lord jesus christ....

    If you're still going, keep pushing through. It'll happen eventually.

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    It was my 3rd tol'vir item.
    First was some gray item, second was that scarab army thing and third the mount.

    Anzu on the other hand........
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    Less than 10, more than 5.

    I recall my IRL friend bragging how easy it was for him to do Arch since he was a Mage, was gratifying getting the mount so soon and him having to agonize through 50+ solves to get it.

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    I did ALL THE ARCHEOLOGY achievs. (20 x [insert random artifact])
    Still only had the mount and 1 crappy item....and those were back in cata. I used ALL my boxes to get tol'vir fragments....still no pet. I WANT THIS PET !!!

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    Blargh just hit 400 tol'vir solves on my rogue, add to that another 200 I have on other chars and all that equals to one very, very unhappy troll without a bug.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devboy View Post
    So, was actually at 540 solves.

    logged on tonight to pick up the farm. 545th solve. Mount. Thank you lord jesus christ....

    If you're still going, keep pushing through. It'll happen eventually.
    Just hit 200 solves... got the Seeker title in the process and am praying I don't get to 545 to get that mount. Good news is I have 5 rares so far for Tol'vir.

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    Is it still possible to do the Mantid Relocator bug with Tol'vir digsites? If so, then I might actually bother getting this mount (@ 150~ solves)
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    Nope; it was fixed in 5.4 I believe

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    Did a lot of Archeology during the weird maintenance day where only some characters were accessible. Got raptor Pet and Mount but no Qiraj Bug sadly, only Ring of the Boy-Emperor and some other useless "Epic" to vendor.
    #Conspiracy Blizzard keeps Drop Rate low to sell more Red Qiraj Reavers in store ! ! ! 1 ! ! one ! ! 1 !

    On a serious note: It was a nice experience but also a bit tiresome and repetetive, and stopped searching after some time because I play the game for fun, and having to do this grindy search while so many others afk and let their LV85 Druid Bot do the grind for them was unbearable and not fun.
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    Tolvir solves: 22

    In those 22 solves I got 3 of the other rares as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kromtar View Post
    If you complete a pandaria common artifact you can cash it in for the equivalent of 1 survey of tol'vir fragments, not a great exchange rate but better then just vendoring a grey item.
    I got seeker of knowledge on my main - put about 98% of my item exchanges exclusively towards Tol'vir fragments to get that last scepter.

    Absolutely no sign of the scepter after all those crates. =/

    EDIT: Oh, wait - I was reffering ot some staff. Is this the bug mount? Yeah, think that was my second rare solve in Tol'Vir :P

    I'm very much behind the theory of that after a certain number of rare solves, the final ones after multiple ones are disgustingly hard RNG to get. Some people have it for the claw, others the mount, me it's the staff.

    Same thing with me with Trolls and getting Zin'rok to appear. People speculate that it's just easier to roll an alt and re-do tol'vir/troll archaeology rather than just focus on your main's RNG luck.
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    Mine was like 80 solves :> It killed me :<

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