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    Are you annoyed when a stray animal follows you?

    So I was walking down the road enjoying a cup of coffee, and some stray dog came up to me wagging it's tail and following me, then when I paused it circled around me and put it's paw on my leg. I lightly stomped the ground with my other foot and yelled at the dog to go away, at which point it just did.

    So if you have any experience like this, how do you usually react?
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    Run away screaming.

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    I would not particularly like being followed by any sort of stray animal.

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    Nah it doesn't really bother me. Just another lonely soul. Usually I try to help them if they are friendly and if I can get them to a shelter or a home.

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    Honestly I find it kinda endearing. It's some random creature, who has no connection to me, yet trusts me enough to come up and say a proverbial "sup bro".
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    I once visited friends who had a few dogs at the house. I ended up playing with a stray dog all day, because I thought it was someone's at the party. The dude was pissed, because we left his house, but the dog wouldn't... It ended up being a run away that owners were glad we "found"... Oops...
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    I'll go "aaaaaw, that so cute, can I keep him mom?"

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    I've got like a 90% accuracy guessing which threads are made by this guy.

    Never had it happen, regardless.

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    It kinda does bother me because I'm empathic and I know the poor animal is wasting its time thinking I got something for it when I really don't.

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    lol what the hell! give it a pet!

    how could you be mean to a stray animal.. i mean.. unless it was like.. really aggressively having a stand-off with you between you and your front door.

    if a nice little pooch cutely walks up to me and wags their tail and says hello nicely i will give it a pet and maybe some water if i have some and a little snack~ .....and maybe take it to the RSPCA for a health check-up / chip check. ..... and if they are really cute and not about to die maybe they can come home with me.

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    I'd pet it and if I had some food with me, I'd give it a little treat at least. Totally not annoyed by cute animals, but disappointed in the people who booted the animal out of its home.

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    It amuses me to see so many people afraid of a dog.

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    I'm not a douche so I feel sad instead of annoyed. I've only ever seen strays abroad though and have to many dogs in my house already.
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    Nope. I love animals. It feels me with joy when stray animals come to me. I pet them and talk to them. What annoys me is when humans show up.

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    I sure as hell don't react by yelling at it. I'll let it be if it is friendly, though if it tries to follow me home I will get stern in both tone and posture.
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    There isn't much of this in Norway so very hard to come by. Must be a lot of evil people in the countries with a lot of stray animals.

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    Unless said animal is rabid no I don't mind, 'course it wouldn't merely follow me if it were rabid.. If a somewhat healthy stray animal wants my affection it will get it unless i am in a terrible hurry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Klapaucius5691 View Post
    Nope. I love animals. It feels me with joy when stray animals come to me. I pet them and talk to them. What annoys me is when humans show up.
    Few things to say here.

    firstly, the above poster is correct.
    secondly, oh look another Salandrin baiting thread.

    and finally, both I and my wife have taken in strays before and cared for them till the authorities arrived. one time we were even told if they owner couldn't be located it would be destroyed in 7 days, so we kept it and did the search ourselves, costing us time and money.

    suffice to say, anyone who wouldn't show a certain level of care for a helpless animal should be made homeless and have everything taken away from them, then ill treat them like dirt on my shoe and see how they feel.

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    I would scream rape and kick after it.
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    People who hurt dogs fall in the same categorie as people who hurt children (to me).

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