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    The females look cool, not a fan of the males tho. Id have to say I dont want playable mogu.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dald View Post
    Klaxxi, please. Please, Klaxxi.
    Any kind of insectoid race please. Preferably the Nerubian though. However, neither the Klaxxi or Nerubians seem to have a place in lore after their respective expansions (Wotlk & MoP).

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    No, i don't.
    Looking forward to have another playable class means i don't want to play my dwarf anymore.
    But my dwarf is awesome.
    So no.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wariofan1 View Post
    I liked the theme of Cataclysm so much, on release it was everything I had dreamt of. Then came the content, and it was just pure dissapointment. Exactly the same with Wrath of the Lich King, except that I didn't like the whole east part of Northrend. I don't really like the theme of MoP as such, but the content and gameplay of it all makes it one of, if not the best expansion yet. If Zulduar delivers, it's an instant best expansion. Just goes to show gameplay>graphics/environment.
    Well to be fair Cataclysm had some very good ideas, they just weren't executed properly. All the zones being spread out throughout the old Classic content for example didn't work too well. Vash'ir, in my eyes, was a complete flop as well. Mists of Pandaria to me is the other way around. The theme was one giant bad idea but it has been done properly. The continent looks beautiful and absolutely everything ties in with eachother. But making 95% of the continent we are going to be spending possibly 2 years on one and the same theme was a very bad idea.

    I refuse to talk about TBC and Wrath of the Lich King because of nostalgia clouding my view, but I think those two expansions both did some things right. Also wrong mind you, but not as much as MoP and Cataclysm.

    However MoP isn't over yet so things can always change. And again these are just my own personal opinions. Everyone is free to disagree with them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wariofan1 View Post
    Any kind of insectoid race please. Preferably the Nerubian though. However, neither the Klaxxi or Nerubians seem to have a place in lore after their respective expansions (Wotlk & MoP).
    Actually, both do have paths they can take that would lead them to the Horde/Alliance, most notably the Nerubians to the Alliance.

    Brann Bronzebeard has already met with several Neurbians and (presumably) still has his trading permit to walk within any Nerubian city so long as he has relics to trade. Before being given this, he apparently talked to the Nerubians at the Sundered Monolith where he was told much of thier history in exchange for his own (See: ,

    It's been 2-4 years (depends where you want to pick up the story) since Bolvar took the throne and kept the Scourge under control and considering how hard he fought the scourge (Both physically and mentally, including Arthas' torture) I wouldn't be surprised if he has gathered all of the scourge and slowly weakened their forces through slow and grinding methods, like commanding the Flesh Giants to hurl boulders into large congregations of Ghouls and so on. So with a weakening number of Undead fighting them and a largely subdued Faceless Army (thanks to our efforts in Ahn'kahet and Ulduar) the Nerubians can possibly look to repopulating their race with eggs from their hidden clutch. As some within the Nerubian culture appear to be willing to interact with others, despite being a generally malicious race, it wouldn't be too far of a stretch to imagine them reaching out to both factions for help against any Undead/Faceless threats or outright joining them.

    See below for Mantid explanation

    For the Mantid however, it's a little tricky. The "adventurers" in WoW don't have a race, gender or class. They are simply present whenever anything major happens in lore (Such as Tirion and a band of Heroes or a band of Heroes killing Nefarian and taking his head). That poses a problem, because "an" adventurer" befriends them and becomes a "Wakener" of the Klaxxi, unlike with the Nerubians where a single person of a single race has had interactions with them on a friendlier basis than "Hey you, save our city for shinies".

    Potentially, I could see a story expanding for the Mantid where they question their purpose. It took an outsider to save their ancient Klaxxi order and depose the Empress. Even with 10 Paragons fighting for the Klaxxi, they never made a noticable difference in the heart of Fear (4 Mantid are impaled at the start and bosses possess loot that once belong to many of the Paragons you as the adventurer freed, so it has to be presumed that all of the Paragons fell during their initial assault before the Heroes went in). The younger Mantid begin to question the old ways, some even leaving to explore the land without the Empress' control.

    I only suggest that the younger leave the Mantid, as it has been shown to the Adventurer that those who believe in the old ways will always side with the Old Gods, should they return. The younger of the race may not have had the lessons so deeply embedded within their mind, particularly those fresh from swarming over the wall as they are viewed as the citizens that posses a mind of their own.

    I highly doubt either would ever make an appearance, but you could possibly push them out through the stories they currently have.
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    I prefer models that fit through doors normally, so nty.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lokoz View Post
    a new playable race that uses draenei skeleton. Lol I highly doubt it.
    Its like i wrote that via you....

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    Thassarian you might want to put a tiny spoiler warning right before the part about the Mantid. The Mantid were the one race I was very interested in back when MoP came out and one of my guildies said something about them that you mentioned as well which ruined a large part of the story for me. I know this is all a little vague and if you want to know exactly what part I'm talking about feel free to PM me, but I don't want to mention it in public.

    I know I'm nitpicky, but better to be safe than sorry.

    As a more on-topic point of discussion I have very little faith in ever getting Nerubians as a playable race. Sole reason is their skeleton and looks. There is close to no room for gear/armor that doesn't require a complete overhaul of how skeletons and gear works/fits/looks. Even if they are the most obvious thing ever that would cure hunger in third world countries, that's just not going to be possible. Best they could do is change the color of their carapace depending on the color gear you equip. But... eh that would be a little unnatural.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bovan View Post
    Thassarian you might want to put a tiny spoiler warning right before the part about the Mantid.
    Meh, sorry. It's been 3 months, I assumed that everyone would've seen the ending by now ;o
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thassarian View Post
    Meh, sorry. It's been 3 months, I assumed that everyone would've seen the ending by now ;o
    I might be a little over dramatic and you are probably right. But as I said, when I was still working on their dailies and gathering rep someone told me a specific part that pretty much ruined the whole chain for me. Wouldn't be nice for that to happen to someone walking into this topic expecting a discussion on Mogu as a playable race.

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    The more playable races the better variety as far as races go cant hurt. As long as they put the same effort into all of them atleast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Archeus9 View Post
    It doesn't fit lorewise, so no. Mogu think that other races are lesser, they would never join Aliance/Horde.
    Third faction.

    Imo YES! Always wanted these instead of the pathetic pandarens.

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    Nooope. They reuse old animations, and it makes absolutely no sense for them to join either faction.

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    I want races that are more than two ugly models and three strings of lore. For Christ's sake, they still can't make helmets work on worgen, or the cloaks. Clipping issues and weird animations all around.
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    I'd rather have Hozen (Horde) Jinyu (Alliance). My user name sounds like a Hozen name!

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    mogu really dont like anyone but themselves, compare mogu pride to something like orcish pride... its like comparing space shuttle to a banana someone threw into the air

    mogu have had thousands of years nursing a deep-seated hatred for all other races, blizzard isnt just going to retcon something as major as that just so they can add in a new race which shares skeleton and animations with a pre-existing class

    worgen you say? well the playable worgen arent mindless, feral beasts who would not hesitate to attack anything, playable worgen had an entire zone in which most of it you're a Gilnean human (and then a Gilnean worgen who can change back into human form.. eventually), besides theres a huge distinction between the worgen of duskwood and the worgen of silverpine and gilneas (the fact that the silverpine/gilneas worgen still retain their human minds)
    Quote Originally Posted by Zombiebob
    I'm still waiting on someone to tell me where all these people that suddenly care about Warrior balance were during Cataclysm when they were blow up dolls with plate armor on.
    Quote Originally Posted by cutterx2202 View Post
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    To those mentioning the draenei skeleton, I forgot BElves didn't originally use a NElf skeleton, or how Worgen never used to be skinny, or Goblins never had 5'o'clock shadow.

    On topic, nope. I think the Jinyu and Hozen are more unique.
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    Of course, any of these combinations would suffice me:

    Mogu for the Horde and High Elves for the Alliance
    Ogres for the Horde and High Elves for the Alliance
    Sewer rats for the Horde and High Elves for the Alliance

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