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    What is the Grinch?

    Is the Grinch a sub-species of Who? a mutation of a Who? or a different species altogether?

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    i really think the Grinch is more like a mutation of a Who. something traumatic happened.. making him hate Christmas, which changed his outward appearance to reflect how he was feeling emotionally.

    either that or im not supposed to think that deeply and just enjoy the cartoon/kids book.

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    I think he's an Orc.

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    He's a who, the taint of hate changed his features, and living on a mountain in the cold he developed the hair, also he's green because of all the moldy green food he eats.
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    I can relate to the Grinch
    Funny Bunny

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    I think he's an Orc.
    More of a Goblin.

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    Probably loosely related to the Who. Maybe even the missing link between them and the subwhovian creatures known as Whats. Back in ancient times on their dust spec the Whats would hunt the Wherewolves for honor and glory...

    or we could be taking a children's book way too seriously.

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    I believe he is merely Whoville's version of Krampus, the Yule Demon. He eats bad Who children who don't do what their Who parents say. Consequently, the Who kids are all incredibly nice, after seeing what was left of Little Billy Who on the side of the mountain three years ago.

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    A bastard....

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    He is sentient moss that fell out of my armpits. Merry Christmas!

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