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    Question Best flash game you ever played?

    Hello Champions!

    So, since the creation of the interwebz, a lot of game creators used something called flash to make their games.

    Most of them are terrible, totally garbage. But I've seen some great games over the years.

    My favourite one is probably Bullet Heaven, a SHMUP. So much fun!

    Adventure Story and Sword and Sandals: Gladiator are pretty good too!

    So, what's yours?

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    Does Castle Crashers count?

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    The Binding of Isaac.

    Not even close.

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    Anything from addictinggames those were the days.....
    It was nothing close to flowers.
    It was a mass of death.

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    Well, i passed my teens on newgrounds.... and i can't remember a great flash game <.<'
    I'd say the demo of Binding of Isaac was the best game i played there and since the original is a flash game, i'd say that's my favorite :P

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    Freakin' Happy Wheels.

    That game was beyond addicting and I spent more time playing it than paying attention to my teachers.
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    Momentum Missile Mayhem

    That shit is fucking awesome.
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    road of the dead one or two on new grounds

    or happy wheels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smackyslap View Post
    road of the dead one or two on new grounds

    or happy wheels.
    Damn, you reminded me of those three games... yep, amazing.

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    You guys forgot Hapland. I would spend so much time playing that game in my free time at school. Bloons Tower Defense was probably the best game to play though.
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    The only one I can remember is Fancy Pants Adventures.
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    I've been having a ton of fun with incremental games like clicker heroes. Pretty simple and not for everyone, but there's something about it that I like.

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    Super crazy quitar maniac. It's basically guitar hero, but with a keyboard and a stickfigure. Really fun game to play.

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    Kitten cannon that game was great and lasted me for years even play it again every now and then. Old game though was out during myspaces glory days.
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    Fancy Pants Adventure

    Madness Interactive

    Happy Wheels


    The N Game (this game is fucking HARD)

    Out of those I'd say N is the best
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    Bubble Tanks was really cool, and I'm sad they never made a bigger, more in-depth version.

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    Tower of Heaven. It pissed me off so much, yet I loved it so much.

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    Binding of Isaac for me, so addicting.

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    Canabalt. Extremely simple yet extremely addicting.
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