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    [msv] mop raid boss weakauras

    Hi there. This is going to be my first contribution to MMO-Champion, and hopefully others can benefit from this string of WeakAuras that I have created to show specific debuff/buff auras for bosses in the MoP raid Mogu'shan Vaults. I only currently have Mogu'shan Vaults auras, as they're simply a work in progress and this release is merely a test to see whether or not people like these auras, and whether or not they'd like more for the other raid instances, and maybe even 5 man heroics auras.
    I haven't had much time to test them myself but I'm hoping they work so that they can be beneficial to any of you people that would like to use this.Here is a list of the appropriate auras for each of the bosses in MSV, please let me know if there's anything missing;
    The Stone Guards
    Jasper Chains (Shows stacks) (BAM noise)
    Amethyst Pool (Reminds you when you're standing in shit!) (BAM noise)

    Feng the Accursed
    Wildfire Spark (Timer of debuff) (BAM noise)
    Arcane Resonance (Timer of debuff) (BAM noise)

    Gara'jal the Spiritbinder
    Crossed Over (Timer of debuff) (BAM noise)
    Voodoo Doll (Timer of debuff) (BAM noise)
    Spiritual Innervation (Timer of buff)

    The Spirit Kings
    Undying Shadows (Reminder of fixation) (BAM noise)
    Shield of Darkness (boss debuff, HAVE to be targetting the boss) (BAM noise)

    Overcharged (Stack of debuff)

    Will of the Emporer
    Emperor's Rage: Focused Assault (Reminder of fixation) (BAM noise)

    Here is a link to the pastebin containing the string for WeakAuras:

    Please let me know if the auras do not work when trying to import them, this is my first time trying to export a set of WeakAuras for the public



    Edit: If there's any problem importing the string, please tell me and I'll try to get it fixed.

    Also, could a mod please change the title so that every letter is in caps? It didn't work when creating the thread for some reason.
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    putting ever letter in caps is just going to make people hate you.

    Some of them seem kind of, well redundant, why would you need a weak auras to show you that you have an undying shadow on you? I mean some of these would make sense if you raided without dbm, but why would you do that?

    a few ideas:
    What about one that shows an icon on your screen if a party member is affect by maddening shout on spirit kings.
    one that shows stacks of wildfire infusion on feng, for healers
    current damage taken form cowardice on spirit kings.
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    Why me?!

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    This thread hurt my head.
    please don't center.

    The only WA I use for MSV is Elegon stacks.

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    A guy tries to help and you bash him for the layout? This addon can be very useful in many situations. It's not crucial to install but if anyone is having a hard time keeping an eye on buffs/debuffs while maintaining proper DPS/healing then this definately help.

    As for HoF/Toes I find it useful for amber-Shaper, Wind Lord and protectors.
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    I have a simple rule for myself. If I suck on an ability/debuff/thingy that I could have tracked with weakauras I create one with a really big icon reminding me that I have to do something

    I personally love weakauras and would never give it away. Thanks for the nice auras will have a look at what I might need.

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    Please make some for Terrace and HoF =D

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