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    Pvp + Pve ... how to do?

    I am currently MS Fury OS Prot...

    I raid on a weekly basis, and I also want to start pvping with my friends whenever we aren't raiding..
    However being a warrior means that the most viable pvp spec is arms atm...

    Does anyone have any ideas or will I always have to respec my fury every time I just want to pvp...?

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    You can do fury pvp, and fury is actually better in a battleground setting, but if you're doing arena you may just have to repec /: hope that helps, happy holidays.
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    why can't you be say prot for pve (always) and arms for pvp?
    if it's way too boring to never change specs for you, and you feel like you MUST do pve in both prot and fury, try leveling another warrior alt for pvp? Most things are account bound, so won't loose anything I guess, even better - u can get two extra professions

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    Respeccing isn't exactly problematic anymore if you change gear aswell. It's cheap (still about the same max. price it was in classic, wut) and all you have to do is change a few talents on your bars. I have respecced from ret to prot frequently over the last few weeks for challenge modes and had to reforge and regem my gear every time since ret and prot gear is almost identical aside from hardcapping expertise and not hardcapping(which makes the reforging and gemming necessary). As I said, if you have a full pve and a full pvp gearset it's not an issue.

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    I have to keep both Prot and Fury as I occasionally change depending on the raid fight...

    I never actually thought that the prices stayed the same? I do not mind respeccing my dps set its just a little bit of a hassle though.
    Oh well, thanks for all the help (:

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    Besides rolling another Warrior, I don't think that there is really any solution.

    I spent over 30k gold in Cataclysm for respecs on my Warrior alone, have fun!

    I think it's really ridiculous when Blizzard's excuse for not implementing tri-spec is that it would make respeccing irrelevant when it already is. Hell, I'm already annoyed that tomes of the clear mind aren't filed under currency so I can buy like five thousand of them and have like an infinite supply.

    but fuck the po po, I got two warriors and two paladins and I jus don give a fuck!
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    Could just play fury, but it just feels awkward to me in pvp. You can just use a mod like ActionBarSaver so switching specs is basically just changing the spec and never having to worry about rebinding things.
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    Rock Prot PvP and be a pro flag carrier, you'll always be wanted in RBG teams.

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    Prot pvp is an option, although it can be a bit dull. You could go arms instead of fury if you're doing farm content, or ask in advance if you're needed to tank, and swap the os to arms for a week or two to get some pvp action. That's what I would do, anyway ^^

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    I do this on my warrior frequently. I use all 3 specs, and found an addon to make it very easy to do so. Get Action Bar Saver. It'll save your spell placement, binds, etc so you instantly have your spells where they need to be when you need to change specs. Whenever I'm needed to tank, I can do so in just a minute or two with a quick respec, abs profile load, then changing of a few talents/glyphs. Very simple and effective.

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