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    I miss 4.2 demo. Pet swapping made me feel like a true 'demo' lock.

    However, I do enjoy meta being something that defines the spec rather than just a CD.

    If only 4.2 and 5.1 merged...

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    The only thing I miss about Cataclysm Destro is the amount of CC he could handle and chain, which is now reduced to fear, a tier 2 talent and a pet cc. Besides that, I absolutely prefer the current design ...although Destruction could use a new CC (hope Cataclysm spell gets re-used anytime soon) and another filler or additional damaging spell, (spamming Incinerate is not very funny). It should be one of the strongest specs in game as for sustain burst and bursty burst, but it's weak outside Instability and only strong enough with Instability.

    About Demonology, I like much better the revamped one, but some of the spells are weird: Chaos Wave can't compete with Hand of Gul'dan, although it should be stronger than it, and Void Ray is (imho) a bad designed spell, because it requires targets to almost be lined up. Carrion Swarm should be usable in caster form automatically switching to Metamorphosis, the same way Demon Leap does. Finally, Doom and Corruption forcing to switch stances to keep them both feels odd.

    I can't really tell about Affliction, never been a fan of the spec and barely played it, but it seems much more solid and effective after the revamp.
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    I miss nothing about cataclysm, maybe aff pvp but thats it, needing to be at melee, pet swithing, ISF, slow ass rampup, mediocre DPS

    I dont understand how can ppl miss any of this.
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    From a PvE PoV:

    I liked warlocks a lot during cata, and I like them even better now. They aren't and weren't perfect of course, but more enjoyable to me than the other classes in this game.

    Things I miss from cata:

    -mana feed
    -soul link
    -fel armor healing from all spells and not just a select few
    -nether ward

    things I don't miss from cata:

    -corruption+doom for all specs
    -pet swapping
    -high ramp up time
    -only 1 spec with burst

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    My lock is full malevolent and my corruption ticks for 3k in PvP.

    Affliction is now basically a single-target spec.

    Having all your damage tied up in MG, and DL not even really being an option, really sucks as a playstyle.

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    Affliction was the only fun spec for me and they began to ruin that with patch 3.1. I suppose it didn't fit in with GC's vision of blandness and homogeneity.

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    I miss affliction being pvp viable, nothing else was better in cata than it is now.
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    So what was so different in rotation before the revamp? I rerolled warlock in mop and always read that locks were alot more complex then now. I am curious how each spec played but ill probably never get to experience it.=/

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    Quote Originally Posted by exjay View Post
    So what was so different in rotation before the revamp? I rerolled warlock in mop and always read that locks were alot more complex then now. I am curious how each spec played but ill probably never get to experience it.=/
    For one, Demonology and Destruction have new resources (Fury and Embers respectively) that did not exist pre-MOP and fundamentally change the way the specs play. Soul Shards remain for Affliction but have been turned into a DPS resource via Haunt/SB:SS rather than utility (T13 set bonus aside).

    Shadowflame, which you may or may not remember as being a similar spell to Cone of Cold or Dragon's Breath, was a DPS increase to use and required all three specs to play in near-melee range for more damage. The spell is gone now, with the name existing as the DoT that Demonology gets from Hand of Guldan. Carrion Swarm is similar mechanically but is restricted to Demo.

    Affliction is probably closest to what it was before MoP, mostly just replacing Shadow Bolt as your filler with the new Malefic Grasp. The stacking debuff from Shadow Embrace is gone, with MG and Haunt being the new DoT throttle. Soul Burn: Soul Swap + Haunt + MG gives the spec a lot of the upfront burst that Affliction sorely lacked before.

    Demo uses a lot of the same spells but the move from Metamorphosis being a CD to a stance has changed things up quite a bit. It still has Corruption and Doom to look out for, but Immolate was previously part of our kit as well (though mostly auto-refreshed by Hand of Guldan). Molten Core procs were used by Incinerate (not Destro exclusive) rather than Soul Fire.

    Destruction was a busy spec before Mists, requiring you to not only maintain Immolate, but Corruption and Bane of Doom as well. Chaos Bolt was a short-term cooldown to watch along with Conflagrate (and was of course, much weaker). A huge part of the spec was maintaining the 20 second buff from Improved Soul Fire which required you to either hard cast Soul Fire or spend Empowered Imp procs or Soul Burned Soul Fires to keep it up.

    Whether or not the old specs were more or less complex is mostly a matter of opinion. Destruction DID have a lot cut out of it. I'd like to think that resource management gives the specs a bit more depth even if it doesn't necessarily make them harder.
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    I love the new changes for mop. I sat my lock and played my surv hunter post FL cause, I think, DS was a terrible tier for locks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Confined View Post
    I miss affliction being pvp viable, nothing else was better in cata than it is now.
    This so much. Aside from a couple things Affliction needed tweaking on, it was a lot of fun and rewarding.

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    Affliction really is lacking in pvp, that much I can agree with. But I also like that UA isn't the de facto spec for Warlock pvp anymore. From Season 8 onward, you'd get laughed at for being anything other than Affliction.

    Also, I'm SO glad they fixed the mess that was Destruction in Cataclysm. That was just waaaay too much of a headache for anyone to bother figuring out, and I really like Destruction as it stands. Although I really don't understand why Destro even has mana at this point. The way regeneration works in Destruction, I'm never needing to pay attention to mana at all, ever. Unless of course, I'm sitting on my embers for a burn phase, and then I get punished for it.

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    i wish they had a combination of cata+mop destro... i personally didn't mind ISF throughout cata (tho it did feel off using it as afflic)

    the new demo is MUCH better than cata demo imo... i hated how clunky it was...

    as for afflic... i hate it -_- MG is a good addition but the new haunt system is a disappointment...

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    From a PvP perspective, warlocks were pretty bad in Cataclysm with the exception of certain arena comps. I think all three specs are better now than they were before, though affliction would undoubtedly be worse for people who equate PvP with arena only.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanielBrems View Post
    Am I the only one who misses the old Warlock?
    No, obviously not. But I don't miss Cata warlocks at all. I've played warlocks since vanilla, having more and more trouble as time went by, and simply couldn't do adequately at all come Cata. Now I can again. So this is a win for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xskarma View Post
    I love the revamp they did, for every spec. I've tried all 3 specs extensively by now, and all 3 specs just work.

    I get rather annoyed when people call Destro faceroll. My guess is they haven't really tried it and are just echoing tired old comments from early beta. Playing Destro at a sufficient level is intricate enough and has enough things going on to make it interesting. You might have a slight point on single target fights, but as soon as you have a second target or adds Destro becomes quite involved and fun. And I'd argue that no single target figth is truely interesting, in whatever spec you choose. Add to that the fact there are very few pure single target fights anymore and you can only conclude that Destro is just as fun to play as Affli or Demo.
    Posts like this warm my heart and remind me that all of the effort the wow team put into overhauling Warlocks was worth it.

    This thread was the best Christmas present ever, thanks guys.

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    I like what they did to affliction and demon. Somehow i find demon a bit boring, but it has a lot of utility which makes it interresting.
    I used to play destruction in the last 2 expansions. Both for arena/bgs and pve, which i enjoyed a lot.

    I tried to keep going with destru, when i came back to the game, and quickly swapped to demon instead. I missed so many buttons. Half my bars was suddenly empty, and most i should never use. Nothing to keep track of either. Like the old soul fire system in last expansion.
    So yeah. I tried it. It's far easier than before, and not very fun. I'dd avoid to use the word faceroll, for being nice to above poster, but it's surely not unforgiving to you messing things up either.
    Demon i enjoyed to level with, but ended up going affli a bit before i hit 90.
    I find it somewhat strong, but the beams you put on people (malefic grasp/drain soul) makes it pretty obvious who's the danger, and they charge you right away.
    Being able to put 70% movement-reduce on a DK, running away from him, while malefic grasp ticks, and see him be more and more desperate is tons of fun.
    Warriors still eat my poor face, but had a fight last night against a warrior, mage and druid in silvershard mines. Managed to cap the wagon they where in alone, and kill 2 of them off. Then i died laughing, to the druid. Crappy geared, but was still fun ^^

    For pve it's fun to be able to keep your rotation at full, while still moving out of crap on the ground, instead of having to break casts. The ability to not have a demon, and know all damage is _yours_ is great too. I thought i would hate it, but in reality i just love it.

    When they fixed destrus burst, it will not be very viable in pvp again, which makes it less fun. I'm sad about the change to fear they're making. Right now i can protect a healer as a warlock with ease, but with the blood fear change it will be useless. Guess you have to go back to normal fear, which probably is fine too.

    Overall, i love the changes. I think it's fine they have a forgiving spec(destru), and some that is less forgiving. There's something to pick for most people.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xelnath View Post
    Posts like this warm my heart and remind me that all of the effort the wow team put into overhauling Warlocks was worth it.

    This thread was the best Christmas present ever, thanks guys.
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    Posts like this warm my heart and remind me that all of the effort the wow team put into overhauling Warlocks was worth it.

    This thread was the best Christmas present ever, thanks guys.
    I've been enjoying Destro everyday for three months now, the spec works really great, thanks !
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    i agree, tho PVE speaking a little bit of nerf to affli 2%, a little buff to demo 3% a little buff to destro 2% (i don't take simcraft as the only reference), then the warlock class would be near perfection

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