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    [Blu Ray] Led Zeppelin - Celebration Day

    Hey guys, did anyone else get this for Christmas? I did, and I am having playback problems on both my computer and my stand alone Blu Ray players. Neither can play it, apparently the software doesn't support it (probably due to new DRM bullshit) on my computer and the stand alone doesn't seem to play it even with the latest firmware (the damn thing is only a year and a half old too). The CD's sound great, but I am really freaking pissed I can't play the Blu Ray.

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    Don't have the DVD, but I saw it at the Cinema when it was out a month or two ago. Pretty awesome show.

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    Well, I did ultimately get it working on my computer, 78 dollars later anyway. Apparently it only plays on PowerDVD 12 for computers, not sure about other devices but I have yet to get it to work on my stand alone Blu Ray player on the latest firmware. It's a fantastic concert, but it's best watched in HD on a good quality screen with 5.1 surround sound and the volume turned up to 11!

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