I don't know if anyone will be able to help me but it's worth a shot anyway

When I was in Grade 5 I believe back in the year 1996-97, in my art class, we had to make different type of masks from a book we were given. I still remember it from that long ago.
The book was an instructional book on making variety of face masks. They were made of crepe paper, paper-mache or traced onto construction papers or cardboards and coloured in, etc. It had variety of masks like owl faces, sea witch masks, vampire masks, bird masks, witch masks, dragon masks, cat masks, tiger masks and many many more.
You could also make holes for the eyes, nose and mouth. It was very detailed.

I think the book would've been published before the year 1997 definitely or on it , maybe. The cover had many pictures of many masks in small squares all around the border of the book with a big square in the middle, showcasing a dragon mask or something, could be different. The masks were not by themselves... They were worn by young kids or youth basically from ages 13 and up to 20... maybe. I don't remember exactly. But they were young-looking girls and guys.

I would really love to get my hands on that book if I could. Even though it was more than 15 years ago but I still remember that book fondly =).

Hope you guys can help!