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    Best PvP ability in the game?

    Just asking for you personal opinion.

    What do you think is the best PvP ability / spell in the game and why?

    For me it is Blink:

    - 20 yrd teleport
    - breaks roots
    - 15 sec stun trinket (!!)
    - very low cooldown
    - almost 8 years of nerf immunity

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    CoS/vanish, its saved my ass more times than any other spells. though techinically it is 2 spells
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    Definitely blink. Has and will continue to be the reason why mages are OP.

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    Used to be Cyclone

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    bestial wrath when it was complete immunity to all crowd controls for x seconds (it used to be more than 10 seconds, i just forget how many)
    now? displacer beast pre-5.2 vanish on a 20 second cooldown for a healer? lol

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    The first thing coming to my mind before opening this thread was blink, but really any anti-control or heavy-control ability fits that

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    Stealth probably, I mean you can't even SEE the rogue, how is that fair?

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    Blood Fear, and I say this as a Warlock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shagina View Post
    Blood Fear, and I say this as a Warlock.
    Now it became a pile of terrible garbage :3 anyway It's blink as OP has stated

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    Tremor totem or cyclone

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    Throwing another log onto the Blink fire.

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    Teleport...Through walls up several stories in wsg...if placed correctly you may never find the lock

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    I'll say pally bubble and blink

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    stealth, you pick when to fight, most of the time people don't even know you're there

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    Lay on hands, my god... as soon as it was popped your face would hit the keyboard at mach speed.

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    The single most OP ability in the game? I would say Heroism/Bloodlust/Timewarp. Which is why it is banned from arena and RBGs now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Radoria View Post
    I'll say pally bubble and blink
    Seriously, bubble isn't even close to Blink in terms of usefulness.

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    Rogues, hands down.

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