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    Motherboard choice, which to get.


    So to cut to the chase, I currently have an i3 2130 on a Gigabyte Z68A-D3-B3 and I received an i7 2600k for xmas. Now I'm going to give my girlfriend the i3 but since she currently has an 1156 system, I'd also need to give her the motherboard.

    So basically I'm wondering if it's worth while me upgrading to a Z77 board or just buying a H61 or something for the i3. All I need from my motherboard is for it to have enough space to fit my GPU (7870), sound card and capture card in.

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    Just keep your Z68 motherboard and get her a H61/H67 motherboard. You could also get her a H77 so she is set if she ever change to an IvyBridge CPU.

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