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    Quote Originally Posted by Mall Security View Post
    For PC, probably Star Trek Armada 2, 1 rawked but 2 sucked, basically it played like Star Craft only the 2nd STA was a who could build a borg super cube the fastest, then GAME OVER.

    As for over all game NES, had this god awful game called the Wrath of the BlackManta probably one of the dumbest games i ever had the misfortune of selling all my cool games to Funcoland, and buying. Yeah Good times.
    With regards to Armada II, they did patch the tactical fusion cube, as well as most of the top tier borg ships so it just wasn't a race to the finish with them.

    It's been said in this thread, but I have to second Shadow of the Colossus. It's a beautiful game, that truly shines as an example of "video game as art;" but the controls are just so bad. I mean, wtf is with your controls changing each time your camera moves? What were they smoking when they thought that was good intuitive controlling.
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    Mario sunshine, aka mario vs the camera.

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    Lol I also remember the last mission in Simpsons hit and run where you had to drive nuclear something in grandpas old ww2 car with a rocket on it, I could never do that mission haha
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    Most annoying? Probably the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game on the NES, despite people hating on that game I really liked it, but that dam level where you had to swim through those vines I mean Jesus f***ing Christ.... I had nightmares as a kid on that level. Thank you Konami...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duruka View Post
    Party games like Mario Party or Kart can get irritating. They're supposed to be fun, but by the end of it I just want to kill my friends (not literally).

    I don't lose my temper a lot though. I may have kicked my computer a few times, but that's it. Probably not very good for it.
    Mario Party 3 was by far the best in the franchise.

    Most annoying game for me was Zelda 2 for the NES, good fucking god that game is bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orby View Post
    Most annoying? Probably the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game on the NES, despite people hating on that game I really liked it, but that dam level where you had to swim through those vines I mean Jesus f***ing Christ.... I had nightmares as a kid on that level. Thank you Konami...
    Never played that one, but me and a friend used to play the living crap out of Turtles In Time for the SNES, that game was amazing!

    Edit: On second thought, the most annoying game I have ever played was Altered Beast for the Sega Genesis. Seriously, it makes Dark Souls look like a kids game it's so frustrating.
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    The original Super Mario Bros. Those fucking Hammer Bros man... fuck those guys.
    Quote Originally Posted by Butthurt Beluga View Post
    I'm saddened that at this point in time I can no longer discern satire from reality

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    id have to say world of warcraft
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    SWTOR at release. Nothing more annoying then Star Wars fanboys in super defense mode in every chat channel yelling down anyone questioning why that shit was so buggy and played so poorly.
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    World of Warcraft.

    The most annoying experience I have had was levelling up in WOTLK 3.0.xxx and getting roflstomped by DKs with such talents as Shadow of Death, while at the same time the Blizzard fanbois were screaming at the forums how fine DK's were and how everybody needs to just L2P.

    Then two patches later, I was getting roflstomped by Retardins, while at the same time the Blizzard fanbois were screaming at the forums how fine Rets were and how everybody needs to just L2P.
    Veteran vanilla player - I was 31 back in 2005 when I started playing WoW - Nostalrius raider with a top raid guild.

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    Tera Online. TNMT on NES. Thundercats on C64. I got a lot more, but its late and I am tired xD

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    Dota. i die every 3 minutes.. so after trying out for around 10 minutes, i stop and never get to learn the game

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    War Z hands down. The game is beyond terrible. I think its in the running to becoming the worse game ever made right next to Big Rigs. The amount of hackers, glitches and just randomly annoying items like walking in the middle of a forest but your footsteps sound like you are walking on metal has made the game beyond a joke.
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    Any FIFA game, year after year is the same bs with them, referees are biased in favor the computer's team. Fifa games are good to play against other players but playing against the computer is the most frustrating thing ever because of that.

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    WoW arenas playing arguably underpowered specs for most of my career. Never been more frustrated with a game than in S10 when I was at 2190 rating, queued into a 2500 kitty cleave, and just as we were about to win my healer outranged my grounding totem and got cycloned and I died. We proceeded to drop back down below 2100 and never climbed back up, and the healer quit the game permanently.

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    Mischief Makers is probably at the top of the list. The asinine control for the jet boosters made some levels literally impossible, because the C-button boosters were slower than the D-pad boosters. Not to mention, why make an incredibly helpful (and nearly mandatory) game ability on the completely other side of the controller when move with the analog stick in a PLATFORMER. Augh, fucking hate that game.

    I have to give honorable mentions to Blast Corps, which was overall an amazing game, but getting the Backlash to do anything was unbelievably irritating, the N64 version of Rayman 2 for its ridiculous difficulty and the third stage of the Rainbow Castle zone in Bomberman 64 because of all the damn bomb-bouncing and how crappy that control was for it.

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    A boy and his blob for Nintendo. No clue what to do.

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    Counter strike. I broke a few keyboards and mice playing that stupid game.

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    hahahah, Perfect Weapon Ps1. Worst and most annoying game ever made. Even with a gameshark it wasnt even playable. Story your a boxer THEN SOMTHING HAPPENS poof alien world(you are left confused as a player). Controls? Exploration mode is standard but when an enemy comes you have to hold down L2 which completly switches up the previous movement. This is all explained in the 1 page book the game with the same explained as (hold L2 for combat). That doesnt sound so bad you think? Well every mission including the first your health gauge is slowly dying so time is a factor. While in exploration mode u have to jump form platform to platform but if you dont get the angle right you get your character to say "No way" after about 12 no ways per platform with no map with a dwindling life gauge with enemies appearing from whenever to help deplete it faster you start to get a bit perturbed. The icing on the cake you have one life no continues, no saves.

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    Sonic shuffle.

    Dirty cheating AI, makes any Mario Party look fair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrifCannon View Post
    Sonic shuffle.

    Dirty cheating AI, makes any Mario Party look fair.
    Oh god, Mario Party, ruiner of friendships, I can't believe I forgot to mention it. Playing with the AI is really annoying too, since, it seems like every single block they land on, they get a fucking random star.

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