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    Exclamation LF A New Realm Help Please! :D

    I am coming back to WoW after a break. I have decided to go Horde as I have never played Horde to max level, endgame stuff. I am also looking to get into PvE more. (I'm a hardcore PvPr) I want to start fresh on a compleatly new realm and make new friends there. I was wondering if anyone knows of realms that meet some or all of the requirements of mine below!


    Generally Friendly and Helpful Players
    Not too many trolls in /2
    I am not looking for hardcore elitists.
    Good auction House economy
    Good and active realm community
    Can be pvp/PvE/rp as long it is fun
    Can be low/medium/high pop
    Good pug groups and decent amount of old content runs
    Friendly, helpful, decent guilds.

    If any of you know of a server Horde side that meets these requirements please tell me because I will be more than happy to join! Thanks and happy holidays! Cheers!


    (If you know of any servers Alliance side that fit the requirements feel free to state them as we'll! Thanks! )
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    Try out Area 52 US PvE, Horde dominated. Very good server.

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    Hi. im looking for a slightly alliance favored realm, but no more than 5-10%. balanced 50-50% is fine as well, but i dont want to be on the losing team, or the winning team by too much.
    I would like the realm to be pvp
    At least medium population, but can be up to full
    Decent raiding scene with some guild at least 8/16H

    Bonus good economy.

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    Well I'll join this line also.

    I am looking for a EU server horde/alliance at 55-45 or hell even 90/10 as I am looking for a PVE server.
    Good economy and good raiding guilds, medium to high population.

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    I'm very sorry but we don't allow "What server/class/etc" type threads.

    You might try checking some server population sites or looking at the guild recruitment forums.
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