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    Back in Runescape before Member's became such a huge difference in gameplay, 2 friends I made in the game decided the 3 of us should do Dragon Slayer, then afterwards upgrade to members together all at once. We spent about 6 hours of gametime gearing up with all sorts of stuff, then one of the wiseguys, though I swear it wasn't me, suggested we do the combat triangle of Melee, Ranged and Magic (Back in Runescape 2004 you DIDN'T fight as range or magic) I was the melee guy and the friends grabbed a bow and a staff. We entered the cave together where the dragon (elvarg) was. It wasn't instanced like it is now, so all 3 of us engaged the dragon. She threw two fireballs back to back and 1-hit KO'ed both of my friends. I grabbed their stuff off the ground and just as I was running away, she blew a fireball at me and dropped me to EXACTLY 1 HP (back when health wasn't in the upper 1000's). We were all cussing and having a good time.

    I miss Runescape.. :c

    Oh, and the other moment would probably be in WoW when I, a level 55 warrior, got owned by a level 30 druid. This was back in 2007 I believe, and we couldn't hold our breath underwater for very long. I tried my hand at ganking this tauren, but he ran away as a cheetah and hoped into the water west of grom'gol, around that island with the elementals. I chased him and kept charging when I could, but he went to swim form and swam down. Stupidly, I followed him... I was at the bottom when I started running out of breath, so I started to swim up as fast I could. NOT SO FAST! He started spamming entangling roots on me and I drowned.

    I didn't play WoW for a couple days afterwards.
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    - Manakin.

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    Well there was this match on WoT, it was an encounter battle on Malinovka. Anyways I started on the north side team. I decided I was gonna go south and attempt to flank the southern part of the map with a couple other random people. Anywho, right near the bottom of the map I have to cross an open field that has a lake next to it. I just start out into the field and a wild Wolverine(American TD) appears, he's stopped on the path next to the lake. I'm doing 40km/h in my PzIV coming at him, we fire at one another, both hit(he got the better shot I only did like 100 dmg). Anyways, I'm still coming at him, pull up along side him and gently push him down the embankment into the lake where he dies. I hope he learned that stopping on an embankment that's right next to a lake is a bad idea when there's an equal size enemy tank around.

    I'll have to look for the replay and upload it.
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    Pulling Golemagg from the bridge, while in TS going "whats over here". Wiped the whole raid in one go, fun times.

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    Haha that's Mister moderator. My moniker originated from my love of ooooooold Doctor Who

    My story is "so I met a girl through a mutual friend on WoW and we dated long-distance before she moved down here and almost four years later she hasn't kicked me from raid."
    well, with sarahjane as a forum name, i assumed you were a FEM. sorry about that. XD

    anyway, still a better love story than twilight. LOL

    i noticed there really are a lot of wow players here. still, i find it really entertaining reading your experiences.


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