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Thread: Screen issue

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    Screen issue

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this; I've been spamming every forum I know to see if anyone can help me out here.

    I'm having issue with my new LCD screen.

    Crappy picture but hopefully gets the point across. It' like a weird blue shimmer that mostly seems to happen on white and blue areas of video.


    It's like a weird sheen of all one type of blue that "rolls" across objects on the screen.

    I really don't know what the issue is here so if anyone can help me here I'd be much obliged, cheers.

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    Would guess there's something wrong with color calibration of the screen... Try to tweak the color settings of the graphics drivers to see if it helps any. Also try with another computer.

    Dunno if that is a problem covered under warranty, but check that out also from manufacturer's tech support after trying it out with another computer.
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    Hey thanks for the reply.

    Tweaking the color/contrast/brightness does effect the "shimmer" effect but never makes it go away, unless I bring "color" all the way to 0; giving me a black/white image.

    It's not an issue with the pc as I have tried different monitors and they have no issue, also tried using a PS3 and get the same issue.

    It's some software related on the screen itself I think. Maybe it will be covered by the warrenty but I was hoping I could fix this myself.

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    Do you have the colour mode set to 32 bit?

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    Hey thanks for the reply.

    Yes, I tried switching between 16 and 32 bit.

    I have also tried another monitor and it works fine, the problem isn't with the video signal, I'm getting the same issue with different input sources, but rather with the screen itself.

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    Is the bad area static and doesnt move with picture change? Looks like it might be condensation/dampness possibly.

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    Check out the manufacturer and send them the picture too. Looks like something covered by the warranty since you've tried everything else already.

    Make sure that you also list what you've tried when sending the tech support request, or they'll just ask all the same questions we do :P
    Never going to log into this garbage forum again as long as calling obvious troll obvious troll is the easiest way to get banned.
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    The Shimmer effect you are seeing is because the LCD module, internal cabling, or drive electronics (Video Input board, Frame Rate Converter, LVDS board) have an issue in that is manifesting with Half-Tones (Such as you see in shading) not displaying properly. This can be caused by anything from a loose cable, a bad crimp, overheating, bad memory (yes, your display has some memory acting as a frame buffer) conductive dust + high humidity, and so on. Basically, you have a signal to noise issue, and that excess noise is overriding the signal in that area of the screen.

    It is possible (but unlikely) that your PC has something to do with it as well. Easiest way to rule this out is to try another cable. Also, what sort of cable are you using now? DVI, VGA, HDMI, DisplayPort?

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    Hey there, thanks for the reply.

    foil: no the blue "sheen" moves about the screen depending what is going on. It isn't always there either, it comes and goes dependent on what is being displayed; usually when there is a lot of blue, white or green.

    darksideblues42: I am using a HDMI cable, I have tried using a different one and am still getting the same issue.

    If the problem is amongst those you mention, do you have any idea how much this costs to fix?

    I have post this on 10 or so technical support forums and MMO champ is the first to respond, brilliant.

    So thanks again for your insights.

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    Cost to fix all depends on what the issue is.

    What display brand and model is it? If it is new, (I am assuming this means new as in a recent gift or purchase) the manufacturer's warranty may cover it at no charge.

    Loose internal cable is a simple fix, bad crimp, bad grounding (Internally) LVDS interface board, bad video board, or bad LCD module is pretty much the order of cost increase with the LCD module being somewhere in the area of 50-70% the cost of the whole monitor, the video board is typically 10-15% of the total cost, LVDS board is a component of the LCD module, and costs 10-15% of the LCD module replacement cost, the other grounding or cable issues are normally no more than $10-$20 (US) in parts, but labor rates can be expensive too.

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    Try the monitor on another PC, if you have the same problem > send it to repair

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