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    question on what to expect in the future

    Hi. I started raiding with mop and I'm now venturing into heroics with my guild. I love playing frost but I keep an eye on logs and raidbots. I am not at the bottom of the dps in my raid but I know I could do better with another spec, wich would be arcane at the moment, but in the future might be arcane and fire, etc.
    From what I can see on world of logs and raidbots frost (aswell as other specs) might need a slight buff.
    Since I have no previous experience of raiding and I have no experience in raid data collecting and I would like to know if buffs for the bottom specs of raidbots are (usually) to be expected, I've read GC tweet about pve specs needing buffs, and he didn't mention frost mages.
    I would HATE to be forced from frost to another spec just to be sure to keep my raid spot.
    I know a slight buff for frost is going to land on the ptr soon, I' don't know if that would be enough, especially with the invocation nerf (wich is the most t6 frost likes).

    tldr: I would like to know if buffs for the bottom specs of raidbots are (usually) to be expected

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    It depends on the spec, if it's strong in pvp, buffs to pve are not very likely. Respeccing to optimal specs for raiding is something that is very common in WoW. Usually, the picture changes a lot with every tier. One spec might be good at the start, then not so good in the middle and really good at the end.

    Seeing what they've done to mages in MoP so far, I would say that anything is possible at this point. Even more unpredictable than before, because of the "new" policy for every spec to be pve viable.
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    World of logs tends to fluctuate massively with dps, just because frost is the lowest on WoL doesn't meant that it is the lowest dps. It means that the top players have swapped to something else so the spec has less parses and thereby a less accurate score. You really have to go by simming and in that the three specs are relatively close right now. My advice is to play what you like as long as it doesn't sim exponentially worse then they other two spec, which at least point frost is still very competitive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mindyourbaal View Post
    simming and in that the three specs are relatively close right now[...] frost is still very competitive.
    From the data I have arcane is top, fire and frost are mid of the pack. I agree that frost is not the spec played by the top raiders, but there are other specs that are above frost in raidbots (wich gathers its data from wol, if I am correct) wich are not played by the top raiders, but will still receive some love, as gc assured.
    I believe we should avoid simulations talking, since they ignore raid mechanics and spec difficulty, and just stick to the data we have available if we are discussing specs balance (wich we are not).

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    Quote Originally Posted by frostburnshoes View Post
    From what I can see on world of logs and raidbots frost (aswell as other specs) might need a slight buff.
    Dude... in all honesty.Play what you like.
    By the time you get to the point where you are raiding, shit will have changed, especially given the way everything (especially with the mage class) is currently totally up and down.

    One patch spec X pwns, but only for 3 days, then we get a hotfix and spec B is the best. But don't answer yet! Because 4 days after that another hotfix drops and spec 3 becomes best. So yea.. trying to predict what will be the 'spec of the day' fotm spec for when you are ready to raid is a futile task at this point.

    Esp now that 5.2 is about to go up on the PTR and it looks like blizz is getting ready to look at mages a little more. I'm pretty sure from the moment PTR goes up to the moment 5.2 drops live, the "which spec is best on raidbots" trophy will have changed hands at least 50 DKP minus times.
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