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    Blizzard should buff xp from pvp

    I get and understand that blizzard wants people to go and see the world, do quests and dungeons and what not. But I already have a few lvl 90s and with all the daily quests and dungeons I do to well get gear/valor/jp etc kind of burned out on it. Mop is really so alt unfriendly prolly cause for some people get burned out on dailies/quests and are sick of them well atleast I am and quite a few of my guildies. Would be great if blizz would implement a token or something that you can buy from a vender to buff xp for your alts. I lvled my hunter in wrath via pvp only and it was fun. I do enjoy pvp but with so much things to do and wanting to lvl my alt id rather kill two birds with one stone instead of how long it will take to lvl via pvp only. Any thoughts?

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    I'd rather see an general XP increase for the "have X level 90's", altough PvP XP sure could need a buff on it's own.

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    Yeah.. lvling while pvping is my favorite way to lvl chars up, sucks it takes longer though

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    I just would like more variety for leveling my alts beside questing or dungeons or both. Pvp can be quite fun but its such a grind when your trying to lvl at the same time lol. With another lvl 90 they know we quested/grinded etc so its not like we didnt go and explore the world, we did we just would like to stay at home for this char and periodically smack some outsiders from time to time.

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    Yes, but they shouldn't stop there. They should make gear for those levels, from 10-14, 14-19 etc.

    In addition to increasing the experience gained. The idea there would fit perfect. Problem is - Blizzard favors PvErs, not PvPers.

    * The gear should be providing resilience. That way you solve two nuts in one strike. Solve people getting one shot in BGs and increase the activity of doing BGs as leveling.
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    sadly buffing pvp xp would increase bots in bg's. Now if they tied xp lets say worth 5 or 6 mob kills into WORLD pvp kills within your level range... now that would be awesome!
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    Quote Originally Posted by pimpeddakota View Post
    sadly buffing pvp xp would increase bots in bg's. Now if they tied xp lets say worth 5 or 6 mob kills into WORLD pvp kills within your level range... now that would be awesome!
    Bad idea - So if I want to level I just get a couple of friends and let them die by my hands? Think of it, this is a bad scenario. Bad idea :s add a CD maybe on it

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    The biggest problem is that because it gives fuck all exp compared to doing a dungeon, questing or just grinding mobs, people just don't queue for it. Which in turns puts the queues up making it ever worse. The only time it's ever more efficient to PvP is during AV Holiday, particularly for the Alliance.
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    Remember leveling my priest 71-80 and my warrior 73-80 back in wrath by doing Alterac Valley (only bg that gave any noticeable xp even if you lost). Was quite fun instead of doing the same quests for the 6th and 7th time.

    It was a bit to much xp, but the 50% nerf they hit it with was to much, and I've not done a single bg on a toon I've leveled after that, just not worth it.

    Since questing never really has been my cup of tea it would've been great if dungeons and bgs gave the same or close to the amount of xp that questing gives.
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    I would like it just for a bit more variety, especially in the 85-90 grind. I have now taken five characters to max level and it is getting a bit tedious questing wise. I have tried just pure PvP with my level 85 hunter and after maybe 20 BG's I am only halfway to level 86.

    I suppose it was made that way to discourage people botting their way to 90 but I still see plenty in there.

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