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    You know the movie The book of eli

    Thats would be me....without the book

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    I guess it would depend on the apocalypse. If everyone (or almost everyone) would be dead, and everything destroyed, I'd probably end myself too. If the area and people where I live were spared, I think I could manage.

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    Find a decent looking woman and convince her we're the only ones left. Doesn't need to be true

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    Would I be alone or would I have at least my best friend? if alone, I'd probably fall into a depression and die eventually because I have no reason to live. If with best friend, I'd try my best to keep us both alive hoping one day things will go better for both of us.

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    Probably the same as the op, never staying anywhere for to long, although I would head to the coast first, one of the bigger yachts, and try to find one of those nifty machines you pump to remove salt from sea water to drink,

    Depending what the apocalypse was, you wouldn't know how safe normal drinking water would be from rivers, anything could of fallen in and died, and polluted it, sea water would probably be much safer,

    Find what canned food I could, Rope, thermal clothing, spare pair of boots, compass, probably a map, but that would be last on my list

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    I would start my own religion! preaching rationalism and knowledge as the greatest virtues. If it catches on it might be beneficial for the society that will inevitable form after a couple of generations.

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