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    [US] what kind of cutbacks will be done to SS and other benefits?

    I haven't heard much of what's in the works for benefit reduction in Social Security area and other benefits for fiscal cliff.
    Not really interested in a number, such as 1 trillion on 700 billion, but rather actual benefits.
    Is SS age going up? how much? for which brackets (assuming it's going to be different for different age brackets)?
    Medicare coverage? - this doesn't affect me much, but how's that changing?
    Is unemployment insurance getting changed?
    Probably missing some things as well.

    Are there any specifics that are being mentioned in negotiations down to this level? or is it all just a high-number being thrown around, without actual discussion on what exactly will be cut?

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    Last I heard, a bunch of Dems were sitting on capital hill with proposed budget changes, meanwhile the Reps are maintaining radio silence while some are even failing to show up. Talk is that letting us go over the fiscal cliff and then promising tax cuts is their strategy for getting reelected.

    I guess we'll start seeing "The Fiscal Cliff was Obama's fault" posts start popping up soon enough.
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