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    How do you create a Darkmoon Faire deck?

    im trying to get a serpent deck
    how do you create a darkmoon faire deck from the sub-parts.
    with sub-parts i mean the items called Ace of Serpents, two of Serpents and so on.

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    You just right click one of the cards when you have all eight.
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    Don't forget that the trinket is a reward for creating the deck. You'll need to turn it in when the DMF is actually open.
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    Also, while this might be a dumb thing to add, but I do it anyway: The character has to be 90 to combine the cards to a deck.

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    on Sylvanas
    Ace of X
    Two of X
    Three of X
    Four of X
    Five of X
    Six of X
    Seven of X
    Eight of X


    X's Deck

    Gives quest @ Darkmoon Faire and rewards

    Relic of <Panda-name of X>

    (i.e. Serpent's Deck = Relic of Yu'lon, Tiger's Deck = Relic of Xuen ... )

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