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    Biggest FAIL of 2012

    This makes me embarrassed to be a californian.

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    That was unfortunate >.>

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    REACH: Hold on to the dock or your boat and reach your hand, a boat oar, a fishing pole, or whatever you have nearby, to the person

    THROW: If you can't reach far enough, toss things that float for the person to grab

    ROW: If you're in a boat, use the oars to move the boat closer to the person in the water, or call out to a nearby boat for help. Don't use the boat's motor close to a person in the water, they could be injured by the propeller

    DON'T GO: Don't go into the water unless you are trained. Call out for help

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    grim toll is the worst trinket you could get for survival. Hands down Meteorite wheat stone is better than it.

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    That ice doesn't even look that thick in the video and they're piling onto it.

    They can dynamite Devil Reef, but that will bring no relief, Y'ha-nthlei is deeper than they know.

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    My I heard a lot of spanish in the background of that video. This happened in the US?

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    They all live in RetardVille or something? The ammount of stupidity and poor judgment is staggering.
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    Like said before, I am in Boston this week and if you are the big man you claim to be, come visit me. I'll PM you the hotel and room number. Let's see if you are such a hero in real life too, like you claim to be.

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    We already have a thread for Funny Videos.


    Though I don't think this really would qualify as a funny video, so I would PM a Fun Stuff mod before posting this there.

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