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    Best Mage spec at the moment [5.1.0]


    I haven't been playing my Mage a lot since the last changes which is why I'm kind of lost when choosing the 'correct' spec for the most DPS in PvE.

    What is currently the best spec for Mages?
    Here is my mage.

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    Arcane. If you're one of those people that cares about damage and nothing else, of course.
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    If you are interested in serious raiding, Arcane is the stronger spec at the moment. If you like to spend your time just doing dailies, looking for raid or just killing things for fun, both fire and frost are very fun to play with.
    I personally use Fire for everything included raiding but my Mage was born and raised as a pyromaniac. You can try all three to see what is best for you....

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    Arcane is the desired raid spec on most encounters.

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    If you like mashing one button all-day every-day, then Arcane is the spec for you! If you like mobility, choose Frost. If you like a challenge, choose Fire. It's all about personal preference.

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