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    changes to unholy presence, REALLY not cool when tanking or using my rune empowerment, that makes me just sad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by S Blieft View Post
    Not just classic... Had it happen in my raid group during Lady Deathwhisper. HILARIOUS!


    Proof that we need a sarcasm font...
    Just replying to the MC-Smelter claim due to the poster above me believing him. Don't single me out for Derpism, I was tested young and it was negative.

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    when begin mind controlled by an enemy he does anything and everything that has a cooldown, like change appect, detterence, etc

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    Quite a few times I've put down really annoying demonic gateways, although now that it needs to be clicked this isn't really an issue.

    Aside from that it tends to do random stuff like casting low DPS spells or activating burning rush or KJC.

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    Me and a lock buddy did Yogg-Saron yesterday, and when mind controlled he kept using Demonic Portal.
    My mage cast illusion. :P

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    The funniest I had so far, was back in the beginning on cata, ya know the dungeon in vashj'ir? ... well the octopus boss in there MC'ed me ... took all the dps forever to realize i was smaking the tank real bad, healer had trouble keeping him up, so they started to dps me ..... by the time they we're about to drop me down enough to break me out of the MC, a guildie who was low on health(hunter) came close to me, got executed, procced a Victory rush wich got used on the tank, followed by an heroic strike and execute (wich killed him), then healer was my next target (pally healer and tank) once everyone but my GF (a warlock) was dead, i .... SLOWLY (compared to everything else) started to kill her, after 2 min, she eventually died ...... everyone was like WTF, she's the one with the lowest armor yet she's the one who survive the longest lol

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    Uses all my available cd's...

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    Constantly cast Inner Fire and Inner Will, one right after another.

    Also, Mind Spike spam.

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    Whenever my DK gets mind controlled, I always seem to make a b-line for the's not pretty
    Quote Originally Posted by MoanaLisa View Post
    Let's be clear: It's Pandaria, not 'panda land'. Everyone got the message?
    -Yes, yes let the anger FLOW through you.
    The community whined and bitched and cried, they stamped their little feet and demanded faster expansion releases. They don't get to complain now that expansions are shorter.

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    As a warlock, I usually summon a demon (Not sure why, I use the Sacrifice Grimoire), pop all my CDs, and put DoTs on everyone (the healers LOVE that). THey also use Soulburn, but don't cast anything. Wasting my Soul Shards (which is a real pain in the ass)...

    As a warrior, usually changed to Berserker Stance, pop everything, and zerg the healers. They don't like that either (as I usually have enough burst to kill one ), and in tank spec I just run around hitting people with all my defensive CDs popped.

    It's to the point where I make sure EVERYTHING (and I mean literally everything) has already been used those phases.

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    he starts jerking offf..

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    I was an Elemental Shaman when my guild first tried Imperial Vizier Zor'lok. Guess who forgot to re-glyph Thunderstorm and threw people into the poison gas?
    All classes to 100. Check.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWindWalker View Post
    I was an Elemental Shaman when my guild first tried Imperial Vizier Zor'lok. Guess who forgot to re-glyph Thunderstorm and threw people into the poison gas?
    Eh, not as bad as a priest with Angelic Bulwark on Un'sok.

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    Quote Originally Posted by huth View Post
    Eh, not as bad as a priest with Angelic Bulwark on Un'sok.
    Speaking of Priests. Our Disc Priest healer feared the entire raid on Zor'lok as well.
    All classes to 100. Check.

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    On my hunter, it pops all my CD's, spams the crap out of tranq shot, then punches people in the raid. Although one time during the Queen Azshara fight in Well of Eternity, the other dps didn't kill the hand and I murdered everyone in the group.

    On my monk, it just spams spinning crane kick.

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    Once on a Bc dungeon, got MC and my toon proceeded to remove one of my glyphs and then change specc! was a good laugh was that day....

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    As a shadow priest, being MC'd has a tendency of making me spam mind spike like no tomorrow.

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    Worst was Innervating LDW in phase 1.

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    my hunter always uses detterence when MC'ed. disengage and maybe a few arcane shots.

    never had any big dps cd's wasted.

    (before the fox removal, it always used aspect of the fox)

    Edit: reading some responses here, i saw familiar stuff with priest fearing. i nowadays always say on mumble too use fear/smokebomb and similiar stuff so it doesnt mess us up. sadly our rogue still doesnt use his smokebomb before hand )
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    Recklessness - War Stomp - Charge - Run around like an idiot.

    Good thing they removed Slam for Fury Warrior, previously he kept on Slam spamming, and it hurt to watch my character suck so much.

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