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    Kill our shammy healer, almost every time it happens.

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    Gouge tank, Blind healer, Smokebomb and rape top dps. Blows every single available DPS cooldown too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kliker View Post
    Once on a Bc dungeon, got MC and my toon proceeded to remove one of my glyphs and then change specc! was a good laugh was that day....
    how is that even possible? was EVERYTHING u had on cooldown or what =P?

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    As elemental shaman, I just run around most of the time. When It feels like casting something, it's usually chain heal, chain lightning and/or earthquake. Then run around headlessly a little more. It always leaves me quite disappointed that it doesn't bother to even try to kill someone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Draknalor186 View Post
    how is that even possible? was EVERYTHING u had on cooldown or what =P?
    It's not (or shouldn't be), glyphs, talents, and spec can't be changed in combat.
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