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    To OP and all you other worthless scrubs, who waste GM's time on stuff like this. I sincerely hope the worst happens to your accounts.

    Think about it for a sec. If just 1% of all of us, thinks its innocent to spam shit like this to GM's and just 1% of us makes a pathetic ticket like that every month, that perhaps take just 5 mins to read and reply to. Thats 100.000 tickets a month or about 8.500 hours used. Lets now say art/content developers gets maybe 3-4 times the pay and then we're down to 10 fulltime content developers, working 10 hours a day, 20 days a month. What if its 2,3 or 5%?? So the next time youre about to open i new shitty ticket, so you and only you can sit and giggle about the answer for a few minutes, think about if its worth it.

    Here are some numbers Blizzard gave us in 2009.

    Team size at Blizzard
    ■ Game Design: 37
    ■ Cinematics: 123
    ■ Platform Services: 245
    ■ Quality Assurance: 218
    ■ International Offices Population: 1,724
    ■ Game Masters: 2,056
    ■ Billing: 240
    ■ Quality Control: 67
    ■ Technical Support: 121
    ■ Online Technologies: 149
    Now some support is always needed for the really serious cases (not my achievement is bugged or that dungeon boss i didnt need loot from, couldnt be looted bla bla). But just imagine what kinda game we could have if Blizz didnt feel the need to serve scrubs like OP and the rest of you and they could move the human resource part to development.

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    While that GM's response was cute, my personal belief is that such playful musings might be better suited for blizzard Forums. That way, if you get a Blue response, it will pop up on the Blue Tracker and everyone can get their /chuckle.

    However, I don't understand all of the vitriol in this thread. I seriously doubt this ticket is the reason your character was stuck an extra 5min because it fell through the map in a BG.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kamse View Post
    If just 1% of all of us, thinks its innocent to spam shit like this to GM's and just 1% of us makes a pathetic ticket like that every month...
    Which doesn't happen. Hell, if anything it's perhaps a couple thousand people who even think of making a ticket like that and even then I highly doubt they'd post one every month.

    Seriously people, there's so much overreacting in this thread it's quite sickening.

    And again! It's highly probable that a GM would answer this ticket during their spare time. Think of them what you may, they're generally quite professional folks (at least from my experience).

    AND AGAIN! GMs often work on several tickets at the same time. This means that again claims of tickets spamming the queue and holding back others are grossly exaggerated.

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