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    Blizzard's login screens have been crap since Wotlk.

    If only they'd let us pick which one we want.
    So they'd have to use more development time to make MULTIPLE login screens for you to choose from, sounds smart.

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    I think it's a complete waste of time if they would make an artist work on a new loading screen just to add some roaring angry thing.
    seriously, you look at it for 10 seconds and is completely unimportant to the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bcc View Post
    Agreed, Wrath login sucked, as did the music. TBC login was mysterious and really cool. The music was very fitting too.
    WotLK's login music was almost quantifiably better than TBC's music... I never really got why people complained about sindragosa. She wasn't loud if you didnt already have your speakers cranked to unbearable levels.

    As for the current login screen, I think it'd better if they added a few moving background details, like Alani flying around in the background, or something similar.
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    Kaleredar is right...
    Words to live by.

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