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    Weapon Enchant Transmogrification

    Hi, so this is something I've thought about for awhile. Why not make you able to transmog enchants to look like other enchants? I am a Death Knight so I have to live with having the same looking enchant for every expansion, so it would be nice if I could make my runeforge enchant look like executioner or something like that. :P


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    I don't see why not.

    The most that it would do is make someone think that you'd used the incorrect enchant on your weapon. It wouldn't affect game play in any way, so I'm hard pressed to see the problem.
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    I think that would be really cool, though I have no idea how they'd do that...maybe a slot you can slap a scroll in at the transmog vendor?

    I'd honestly like to see the option to turn off enchants showing on your weapons, as well, which is something they mentioned they were looking into before MoP. Hopefully it's still on the table.

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    they have talked about hiding enchants. i dont believe ive heard about anything related to enchant transmog =/

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    Having to use Power Torrent when transmog was first brought out was a sad day.
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