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    Better to take some time off often, and then come back and enjoy it thoroughly, then just keep subscribing and logging every day with nothing new, fresh or interesting to do.

    I'd say that's the way to do it. Experience new content on patches\expansions, then take some time when it gets stale.

    Just enjoy the game, don't play just because 'you have to log in every day'.

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    So far I'm not bored of MoP, and soon we will have new raid (probably awesome) so that state will extend for next few months, but I used to take a lot of breaks from WoW, it's nothing strange, especially in your age, I'm an old prick so there's nothing really that new and interesting in real life for me, so it's easier for me to spend time in game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darsithis View Post
    It happens. In fact, for one of the rare times my interest is waning right now. I'm playing Skyrim again.
    Lol, you and me both.

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