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    youtube buffering

    what the hell happened ? now eventhough the video is buffered fully, when i change the video to a certain point (where its buffered) its buffering again. what the f

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    I've been having some problems with youtube lately as well. Video's are buffering really slow when my connection is fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nab View Post
    I've been having some problems with youtube lately as well. Video's are buffering really slow when my connection is fine.
    Same here. Buffers the first 30 seconds, then it stops buffering. Then continues to buffer (even on 360p) at a slower rate than the playback. Last year I would buffer a 1080p clip in the time it takes to buffer 30 seconds or a minute of 360p on the same internet connection.
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    Same here however it all started after youtube changed layout recently ever since i cant watch anythinng above 480p without it having to stop and buffer every 5 sec it worked just fine befor.

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    Hot dogs, I thought I was the only one who had a problem with the entire buffering thing.

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    I haven't had any problems buffering videos, but I've had problems posting comments. Where is say click here to post a comment. Nothing happens sometimes. Often several times.
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    Turn off hardware acceleration

    I had the same issue with the buffering loading and then stop at some point later in the video. You can right click the video and turn off hardware acceleration or do it in your settings. I guess its a problem for people who have video cards.

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