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  • so so, should have been better.

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  • it sucked

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    It was ok. Pretty quiet. The other half and I were supposed to go to friend's place, but I ended up dropping out at the last minute because I was tired and had an incipient migraine. Felt pretty bad about letting our friends down but not a lot I can do with a migraine other than take some painkillers when I feel it starting up and hope it goes away before it really gets its hooks into me (it did, thankfully). Booze, fireworks and company don't really mix well with it.
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    So, it looks like I indeed hit that trash bin after all, any suggestion on how to fix my car paint on a plastic bumper? >.<
    Put a post-IT note on the bumper saying " 'tis but a Scratch"

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    It was awesome! was sleeping like 4 hours before it even started! and when I woke up I could watch husky, jesse, dodger, frodo and crendor stream their celebration since it was still 2012 in the US at that time.

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    Crazy party night got completely smashed with friends at a club haha was awesome had loads of fun

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