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    Shaman CD usage.

    So i was using a macro that used Flashfrozen trinket and Lifeblood at the same time with ascension (unless bloodlust was up). But my friend said that was an overall dps loss and i should bind the trinket to lava burst and the lifeblood to lightning bolt for maximum uptime. i thought it was more dps to use them with a big cool down even if it means waiting an extra 30s to a minute but im not sure i wanted to get your opinions on this.

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    Flashfrozen Trinket+Lifeblood is fine, since Flashfrozen grants on use Int if memory serves me right.

    Lifeblood+Bl isn't useful, that's all.

    Using Flashfrozen Trinket only with Ascendance is totally fine.
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    well thats when i dont use lifeblood is when BL is up. but what im asking is should i wait for ascendance to use those with ascendance or use them whenever there up? using them with ascendance makes me wait a solid 30s-1m

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    best to save flashfrozen for ascendance thats without a doubt.

    lifeblood is 2 minutes, then its probably just best to use that off cooldown.

    since u have flashfrozen and herbalism, i guess you're not hardcore min-maxing, otherwise u'd want to change herbalism for engineering/tailoring.

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    i will be switching to the "good" profs i just need to get some cash first lol.

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    Its perfectly fine to have lifeblood with flashfrozen macro'd to ascendance. Its about equal to using lifeblood on CD.

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